Someone told me once that one of the reasons they didn't want to get into a relationship was because it would just be a waste of time if it didn't work out. While I could see where this person was coming from — since it may seem like a waste if you've spent whatever amount of time letting someone get to know you and trusting them just for it all to go down the drain — I don't think an ended relationship is a waste of time, and shouldn't be an excuse for not getting into a relationship.

There are endless reasons why people aren't in relationships anymore.

Maybe people are better off as just friends, people find out they're just not right for each other, or somewhere in between. Whatever the case, if a relationship ended on good terms or bad, it shouldn't be thought of as a waste of time. This may sound cliche, but I've heard the saying a lot that everyone is in our lives for a reason. I believe this to be true because even if someone isn't a part of your life anymore, that doesn't mean they weren't important to you or didn't play an important role in your life once before.

Every relationship someone has been in has contributed in some part to how you've become who you are today.

Whether it be a short-term fling or long-term serious relationship, we all learn something from the people of our past relationships. Maybe it's knowing what doesn't work for you in a relationship or what qualities you don't find attractive in a person. The opposite is true as well, where you can learn what aspects of a relationship you do like and what does attract you to another person.

In most relationships, there are also at least a few moments you can look back on as a good memory — a time where you were having fun or were happy with that other person. Although the relationship might end, there are memories, both good and bad, that shouldn't be thrown away. Ones you can cherish and/or learn from.

Because each person is in our lives for a reason, we were in our ex's lives and they were in yours for a reason.

The same goes for other types of relationships as well, including friendships and professional relationships. No matter what the reasoning may be, we play a part in each other's lives and it helps shape us into the people we are today.

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