Everything could be going fine, if not great, and I will still overthink. I will overthink things that could be meaningless. I could overthink random possibilities that may never happen.

I will get nervous. I will get anxious. These are both uncontrollable.

There is no stopping it besides giving me endless support. It takes me a while to be able to establish trust with anyone. If you want me to trust you, you are going to have to earn it.

As a girl that continues to overthink, I find it absolutely exhausting to trust someone who is undeserving.

Be patient with me. I am going to feel sad and frustrated. I am going to get uncomfortable and quiet. Random statements will make me feel out of control and will immediately cause a pit in my stomach. I will easily shut down and lose confidence.

I will oftentimes come off as though I am emotional and sensitive. I would say this is slightly true — mainly due to the fact that my emotions go hand-in-hand with my constant overthinking.

If you really care about me, though, please understand it will take time for me to get comfortable around you.

I know it might be a lot to ask, and I may sound annoying or repetitive, but please bear with me.

I will try my best to help you understand, but there is only so much I can do. I will continue to overthink overtime, but I am working on extinguishing my doubts.

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