To My Future Husband, I Hope You're Already In Love

To My Future Husband, I Hope You're Already In Love

For as long as I can remember I've been praying for you, but my greatest prayer is that you're already in love.

For as long as I can remember I've been praying for you. I've been praying about who you are for so many years. I've prayed about when or where we'll meet. I've prayed about the kind of marriage we'll have and for the butterflies, I hope to feel in my stomach the minute we see each other for the first time. I've prayed for a lot of things about you, but surprisingly, my most consistent prayer hasn't been that you'll be a six foot tall, blonde hair, blue eyed babe. My greatest prayer is that you're already in love.

I pray that you're so in love with someone else that your life for last several years has been spent loving and honoring this person. I pray that the thought of spending your life with them is enough to make your whole heart swell and grin from ear to ear. I pray that you’ve spent time truly studying this person, knowing the smallest and most significant details of who they are and what makes them so wonderful. I pray that your desire to know this person grows more intense with every new revelation of just how beautiful they are. I pray that the love you have for this person is constantly growing deeper and stronger so that by the time I come along, we can love this person together. Whoever you are my sweet future husband, I hope and pray that you're in love with The Lord.

When I say that I hope you're in love with the Lord, I'm not meaning just by attending church every time the doors are open and saying a blessing before every meal. I pray that you are truly loving Him. I pray that you're loving truly Him by devoting yourself and your heart completely to Him. I pray that you are so completely devoted to Him that the words you speak bring life to the lost and hurting souls around you and that your arms always offer comfort to the broken and are always reaching out for others. I pray that your heart is full of so much devotion to follow the Lord that your love, respect, and desire to protect my heart as well as your love for Jesus exceeds the physical desires and temptations that you so often have to fight against. I pray that you've asked Him for wisdom on how to lead our future household and to become a godly father to our future precious babies. I pray that your hands will always be willing to serve and follow Him even if it leads to some uncomfortable places, all while trusting Him to see you through.

Finally, my sweet future husband, to take all of this pressure off of you, I want you to know that I've been praying for me too. I've been praying that while you're growing deeper and deeper in love with our heavenly Father that so will I. I've been praying that by the time you come along our hearts will both be full of so much love for the Lord that our desires to follow and honor Him in our marriage will be the strength that carries us through every storm we will face. I've been praying that the kind of godly wife and mother that you've been praying for is exactly what I'll be. I've been praying that every vow we make on our wedding day, will not only be a vow to each other, but to our Lord.

I'm praying for a lot of things, my sweet future husband. I pray that we will laugh together, mourn together, and ultimately, serve and love Jesus together. And I pray that we always remember that that no matter what this crazy life throws at us, we trust in God to carry us through because our love for Him is stronger than our love for each other.

I know you're worth it. I know you're worth every heart filled prayer, tear stained pillow, bad breakup, or minute spent waiting for you to sweep me off of my feet. In the meantime, whoever you are, I'll keep waiting, praying, growing, and loving. I pray that you always love me, my sweet future hubby. But I pray that no matter how much you love me, you always love Him more.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

I Respect Hailey And Justin Bieber For Waiting To Have Sex, Considering How Messed Up Dating Culture Is In 2019

In a world where we swipe right for the next best thing and move along from hookup to hookup, I have a huge amount of respect for Hailey and Justin.


Unless you live under a rock, you've probably seen Vogue's March issue featuring newlyweds Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber. The pictures are as stunning as you'd imagine considering the team of people involved beautifying an already beautiful couple.


Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the couple's interview was their sex life, or lack thereof. Justin Bieber opened up about how he was celibate for a year—which has taken the world by surprise—and that Hailey and Justin saved themselves for their wedding day after rekindling their romance back in June. Bieber told Vogue that he struggled with sex addiction and he attributes this decision to his desire to become closer to God.

"He [God] doesn't ask us not to have sex for him because he wants rules and stuff," said Bieber. "He's like 'I'm trying to protect you from hurt and pain.' I think sex can cause a lot of pain. Sometimes people have sex because they don't feel good enough. Because they lack self-worth. Women do that, and guys do that."

In a world where we swipe right for the next best thing and move along from hookup to hookup, I have a huge amount of respect for Hailey and Justin.

I think people forget that love isn't just a feeling. It's not lust, the honeymoon phase or chemistry. Love is a decision. It's a commitment. It's a promise.

People and fans all over the nation had something to say about the fact that Justin and Hailey sped to the courthouse to be married, and most comments were negative.

Since when is making a lifetime commitment a bad thing?

I'm sorry but if Justin Bieber can abstain from sex from a SUPERMODEL, I am pretty positive he has what it takes to stay married.

This generation is so obsessed with everything shallow. We are COMMITTED to being shallow. That's our commitment. How sad is that? We run from commitment, we run from emotions and we run from anything with any type of substance. Yet Hailey and Justin Bieber have committed themselves to God and each other, and people still find something negative to say.

It's not like Hailey and Justin thought it would be easy. They knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. Hailey said it herself, "it [marriage] is really effing hard."

"I'm not going to sit here and lie and say it's all a magical fantasy," Hailey said. "It's always going to be hard. It's a choice. You don't feel it every single day. You don't wake up every day saying, 'I'm absolutely so in love and you are perfect.' That's not what being married is. But there's something beautiful about it anyway—about wanting to fight for something, commit to building with someone."

So instead of being negative, we should applaud them, root for them, cheer them on because instead of going on the never-ending search for something better, they've committed to a never-ending journey of bettering each other with God as their No. 1.

Call me crazy, but I think that's beautiful.

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To The Engaged Girls Prepping For A Wedding, Just Breathe

And just let God take the reigns.


I've been engaged for a little over two weeks and I'm ALREADY overwhelmed with all of the "when's the date?" "where's it going to be?" questions. Am I supposed to have everything planned already? This was literally the last thing I wanted to stress about before my last semester of college.

So instead of stressing, I chose to give it to God. The planning, the deciding, the scheduling, everything. I set it all down for the next week and chose prayer instead. I refuse to go into depth talking about it with friends and family. I let them know very nonchalantly, that my fiancé and I chose to trade all the wedding planning for a week of prayer instead. As of the past two days of prayer, I'm currently wondering why I never did this with anything else that was big and stressful in my life. Anytime I have the urge to look up dresses, get in contact with vendors, etc, I breathe and let it go. I drop it and seek out prayer and only then do I find complete peace and happiness.

It's allowed me to focus on getting back into the swing of things with the school as well as focus on my college friendships which will soon in just a couple months never be the same as they are right now. Prayer and surrender are giving me an appreciation for the college life I've created over the years and reminding me to not take a single ounce of it for granted.

Lastly, making prayer our go to before any wedding planning sets my fiancé and me on the right path. Instead of tackling unknowns and big financial decisions on our own, we're dropping the reigns and going to our Lord first; together. So if you're an anxious ball of stress because of wedding planning, maybe try putting it on pause for a week or so and spend that time elsewhere, in prayer, with our Lord. Put your marriage in the hands of the Creator before you're even married.

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