There are so many different elements to dating, and sex is always cast as the highlight. While sex can for sure be an intimate experience, there are many other ways to get your heart racing!

The parts that connect you to your partner the most are often simple gestures that you don't even consider until you start missing them after a breakup. Here are some extremely intimate gestures that are sure to make you weak in the knees!

1. Kisses on the cheek, shoulder or forehead

I don’t know what it is about a simple chaste kiss, but the gesture is just so beautiful that you’re sure to have butterflies for a moment. Non-sexual kisses are the way to my heart.

2. Sharing food

You don’t have to go all "Lady and the Tramp" style or actually feed one another, but splitting a dessert and being close to one another is sure to be an intimate moment.

3. Watching shows together

There’s nothing more exciting than watching TV with your bestie and getting to “ooh" and "ah” over your favorite parts or get dramatic over things you hated. Having “couple” shows gives you something to experience together and talk about on a regular basis...just as long as they don’t cheat and watch an episode without you!!

4. Holding hands

Locking hands seems simple, but when you’re in public, it’s a beautiful sign that can’t be missed. Sometimes it’s really nice to feel that sense of belonging to another person.

5. Meeting your partner’s friends

Being introduced to everyone your partner spends time with is a symbol of someone being proud to have you. They’re bringing you into their world, which can be very exciting and make you feel important.

6. Cuddling

There’s nothing more relaxing than curling up with someone to unwind from your day. It provides an instant solace and connection as you let their heartbeat sync with yours and let the worries melt away.

7. Talking about what scares you

It’s so hard to be vulnerable, but when someone trusts you enough to open up and share those fears, it really gives you a glimpse into their soul and connects you in a whole new way. It also makes you want to open up to them more and provides that mutual trust that brings you closer together.

8. Giving each other nicknames

It’s not just giving each other pet names like “baby;” it’s having inside jokes and assigning each other a cute name that is just between the two of you. It’s special to your relationship and brings you a smile every time they say it.

9. Slow dancing

You don’t always have the opportunity to slow dance with your partner but when you do, it can be incredibly intimate. You get to share a soft moment with them and hold each other close which is sure to warm your heart.

10. Meeting your partner’s family

Even more intimate than meeting their friends, meeting your significant other’s parents is a sign that they are absolutely serious about you. The sense of comfort it brings is so exciting, breath-taking and so beautifully intimate.

11. Sharing comfortable silence

When you’re truly comfortable with someone, words don’t always have to be exchanged. Sometimes sitting in silence with someone is all you need. You can stare into each other’s eyes, feel your heartbeat start to slow and your body relaxes and it brings you to a sense of serenity without ever having to open your mouth. Your partner becomes your solace.

12. Wearing something of your partner’s

Whether it’s a hoodie or a bracelet you’ve snatched, having something of your partner’s is incredibly comforting. It’s like having them around even when they’re not there.

13. Making out

It doesn’t always have to result in sex. Sometimes having a good, old-fashioned make-out session with your partner on the couch is exactly what you need. It clears your head, makes the anxiety slip away and reminds you how much you absolutely adore your partner.