Once a month, most women experience the most frightening thing since unsliced bread. They nearly scare themselves to death trying to solve the mystery of whose blood is on their sheets. Did they accidentally kill their significant other, again? Once they realize that their significant other is alive, they finally figure out that it is their own blood. Here is a list that perfectly describes your period week in gifs.

1. Crying about everything

Life is just too hard, I need a cry break.

2. Always hungry

I just need to have my 7th meal of the day.

3. Extremely sassy

4. Everything is so cute

Frogs, giraffes, kitties, dogs, I can't decide what animal I want to love more.


Do I have cancer? Is my appendix about to burst, oh wait, that's just my period.

6. That period sneeze

7. Always sleepy

I am so tired...I am going to take a nap right here.

8. Oversensitive

Did he really just buy me a box of chocolates?? Why is he trying to make me fat?

9. Anxious

Did I do that assignment? Is that assignment due today? OH NO, I forgot my laundry.

10. Happiness

Because it is all finally over, till the cycle repeats itself next month.