Every relationship we have scars up forever. Whether it was the emotionally abusive relationship or the one that taught you us true love, we are forever changed by the people we let our walls down for and give our hearts to. It is when we meet someone that is truly different that we realize, how did no one see all the beauty that I see? As we move forward in new relationships, the heartbreak from love long forgotten can linger with us.

To the girl that broke my boyfriend’s heart,

You fucked up big, but that’s OK. I forgive you. You were young, inexperienced, dealing with a multitude of emotions that had your mind going in all different directions.

But why?

Why did you give up something, someone, that was so amazing?

Was it for the thrill of a different guy, a cheap fuck that meant nothing? Was it because you realized he wasn’t how you envisioned your knight in shining armor? Did you get scared by the word marriage or love or long distance?

Even though I had once stood exactly where you were, a part of me still resents you. You shattered his self-esteem and haphazardly tossed his heart around like a hacky sack. You broke his heart in a way that couldn’t be repaired with a band-aid and a kiss. For the twinge of pain I see in his expression when he mentions you, fuck you for making him feel anything short of perfect.

However, I couldn’t be happier that you broke his heart, that you took all that he had to offer for granted, that you fucked up his perception of himself. You showed him how he needs to find someone who truly valued him. You taught him how not to ostracize the people you love for the one you thought you did. You taught him requited love, and when to leave when your happiness is falling short. Everything that happened, all the lessons he learned, brought him to me. I couldn’t be happier that you ended it because it gave me something I never thought I would have.

I hope you find the true happiness that I feel when I am with him. I hope you find someone that truly makes you laugh uncontrollably and love passionately. I hope one day I will get to thank you, for bringing him to me.


The girl who put the pieces back together.