I do not know who my future husband is and I do not know who you are, but I do know that you have an impact on his life. I do not know the details of your relationship nor do I want to. I'm not here to attack you but to simply say thank you.

No matter how it ended, I know that he will come out better and stronger once the healing is done. It is inevitable to heal the scar that you left behind, but I am more than willing to accept him for who he is and be the woman he needs in his life. I will love him in the ways that you could not.

I know that relationships are a struggle and nobody is easy to love. I know that we will have our struggles. We will fight over stupid things and disagree at times, but we will talk it out and work through it together. It is us against the problem, not us against each other.

Thank you for teaching him what he needs in a relationship, how to love and to accept the love given to him. Without you, he would not know the kind of love that he needs and deserves. Your relationship with him taught him what he truly needs. You taught him what kind of love is acceptable and what is not.

We are continually growing as humans to become better in every situation, and we will do that together. I will support him in every situation, for the things that you could not love and accept about him, I will love and accept with my whole heart.

For our relationship to work, it will take a lot of trust and communication. Will it be easy? Absolutely not, but it will be so worth it. Trusting someone with your heart is very difficult; you are giving them the power to break you, but I know that when the time is right, I can trust him with mine.

I'm sorry you were not the one for him, but thank you for help shaping him into the man he is and will continue to become. Whatever role you played in his life had some sort of impact and I thank you for that.

I know that my future husband will be my best friend and I cannot wait to live my life with him. Whether I have met him yet or not, I do not know. But once we are together, I know we will be unstoppable. I need a man to compliment my life, a man to have fun with, to laugh with, and to support me in my dreams in life.

I do not know why things didn't work out for you guys, but thank you for bringing him to me. Whatever you did, good or bad, thank you.

Thank you for bringing him to me and giving me my lifelong best friend, and to my future husband, I cannot wait to spend my life with you.