If you don’t know what "the chase" is, it’s basically all of the pre-relationship stuff. It’s the back and forth of “does this guy like me or what?” Or it's "do I want this guy to like me?" Or it's "I like this guy, but I can't really deal with all the relationship extraness RN." The chase is the best and I used to ~lowkey~ love every minute of it, but here I am now to confess.

Some people call it "the challenge," but whatever you call it, it's one big game either way.

I like the game and honestly, I’m not afraid to admit it — call it what you want. We’ve all played the game at some point. And, when it comes to college, most people are playing so either play or get played is the way I see the situation.

Most people aren’t trying to be serious because they have GPAs, jobs, friends and finding the perfect internship to worry about. You're trying to make time for friends when you're not studying, working and/or trying to get your life together, so it’s a lot of commitment to make a full-time relationship a thing right now.

I've spent so much time in this back and fourth stage and it used to annoy me when guys didn't know what they wanted but do I? Not really... I know I don't want to deal with anyone who's trying to hurt me, obviously, and I'm not trying to hurt anyone either.

Whether it's a cute dinner, a movie night or a one-night stand — a lot of people settle for the chase. And, that’s where it all stops so you can move on to the next flavor of the week. I'm busy trying to save money and figure out what I want out of life, plus who needs a man at 20, anyway?