Sis, you deserve the world, and quite frankly, he does not fit in it.

I never thought I would be the girl that allowed some loser of a boy to treat me like I was his puppet. I never thought I would do anything to please him even though I got nothing in return. I NEVER thought that would be me. Yet, here I am thinking about how stupid I could be to allow myself to become THAT girl.

It happens to the best of us.

We think that his drunk words aren't his sober thoughts or that one day he'll see you for the treasure that you are. We follow like a lost puppy dog thinking that he will realize we were there all along.

We cater to him when he's sloppy drunk, we go to all his games, even the intramural ones, and ladies, those are so boring. We put ourselves through this every week, day in and day out, and it happens to all of us, especially the best.

So here are some things you need to know to help get you through this and realize you are worth much more.

You deserve anything and everything, not a DIII sweatshirt

Having his sweatshirt does not mean he cares about you. It means you were cold, and he didn't want to hear you complain all night. It doesn't mean he wants everyone to know you're his "property." It means that you didn't think about the weather outside and needed a jacket cause it started snowing.

Even though you pick him up every weekend, he doesn't appreciate you for it

You may think that he greatly appreciates you picking him up when he's drunk at the bar or at his friend's house, but trust me, he could not care less. You're his safe ride home, and pretty much, that's it.

You deserve more then being left on read

Yes, we all have had those times where we send a risky text or even just a simple "hi" and we get no response. And we sit there agonizing on his response. We tell ourselves, "Sis, he just hasn't seen it yet even though he's been on Snapchat." We try and convince ourselves he's just super busy. Girl, wake up and realize a man that leaves you waiting for a response on a simple text is not the man for you.

The loss of sleep you get is not worth it 

Staying up late to Snapchat him or getting woken up at 2 a.m. by another drunk phone call is not worth the lack of sleep. Like anyone, I LOVE my sleep, and I definitely have been a repeat offender of staying up late to Snapchat a boy or to take this boy's drunk call. DO NOT allow yourself to succumb to this. You are worth more than a loss of sleep.

Stop giving these boys second chances and third chances, and finally, give yourself the one chance you have to live a happy, fun-filled life.