In a world where we can get to know so much about a person with a few clicks or taps of our fingers, it's easy to feel like we got the whole story. We can feel like we know the whole person from their likes and dislikes to their fears and what they want to do in life. All too often, though, we build them up in our heads, thinking they're some great person who would do anything for us.

In my experience, I got to know this guy more in person than social media and I'm grateful for that, but it doesn't change how things ended. There are a lot of parallels between our relationship and those that start on social media. So many social media "flings" end suddenly leaving you thinking you did something wrong. One day things are great and the next you haven't heard from them in a week. You replay what you did or re-read the messages a thousand times to see what you missed, trying to read between the lines and understand why he stopped talking to you, rationalizing that it was your fault and that he's not at fault for anything.

Girl, I can bet you that unless you said I love you on date #2, it is not you. If things were great in the hours before and something changed out of nowhere, it was in his head, not yours. Stop blaming yourself. Yes it sucks, especially when you thought you knew the person — and yes, it still hurts — but there's only so much replaying and re-reading that we can do before we realize that we are not at fault. When guys get bored, it is very clear and when they want our attention they stop giving us theirs. No, it's not right. It sucks a lot to the point where you can't cry anymore because you did all day.

Challenge: Write down your feelings and document how he has made you feel, so when you're tempted to text him again or reply to his message two months too late, you (hopefully) won't choose to feel like that again.

You have to remember your worth...and no guy ghosting will take that away from you. God has made a beautiful daughter in you and when you see the beauty He sees, you won't settle for anything less than you deserve. You're more than worth it and should wait for a guy who sees that clear as day.

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