Ford, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Honda, Jeep, GMC, and many other brands of cars. We all know what they are, the 2,000-pound motor vehicles that let us travel wherever we would like and any time we would like to pack up and leave. What many people who are not in the "car scene" do not understand, there are people who are OBSESSED with cars and investing thousands of dollars into cars and modifications.

This is both a warning and an apology from one girlfriend of a car guy to another. I understand what you are going through and I respect it. If you recently started dating a boy who loves cars and he has not warned you about what to expect and how much time you will also be investing in cars, let me help you understand what you are walking into.

I have come up with a list of 9 things your car-loving boyfriend likely does (or will do) — things you will eventually understand if you don't already.

1. They are stubborn as heck.

From fixing their cars to bringing fast food over, they won't ask for help. They will struggle until they either give up or you beg them to let you help.

2. They will NOT learn lessons the first time.

The thing with car boys, they tend to like to get their hands dirty, but they can't take hints and they won't pick up on life lessons easily, so try to help them but do not force it upon them. Just be there for them.

3. They will spend more money on cars than you.

Sadly, the paycheck they just got will probably go straight into the car, and that's OK but remind them once in a while that you exist and dates sound fun. Tip: just tell them they can drive.

4. Cars, cars, cars, that is all you will really hear about.

If you do not understand cars or it is not a common topic in your conversations... prepare yourself, because I promise it's about to become one of the most talked-about things in your life now.

5. They will complain about doing things you want to do, but will get upset when you don't want to do things involving cars.

Don't even try to ask to do something if there is a car meet that night, it really is pointless.

6. You will end up sitting in their garage helping them work on their cars, for hours.

I live in the middle of Texas, and let me tell you I have not endured anything worse than sitting in the hot summer sun for HOURS helping my boyfriend work on his car. Doing anything from putting tons of lights to changing an alternator. WITH THAT SAID! Although these are hours I can't get back, I wouldn't trade them for anything.

7. You will have to beg them to stay in and watch a movie, instead of going to a car meet or working on their car again.

Movie? Cuddle? Quality time? All of those words are foreign to these boys, and you will have to sit him down and explain as much as you are happy he loves cars and it makes him happy, you are in a relationship and you need quality time to build this relationship.

8. They will be able to hear a car from a mile away but won't know what you're saying five inches from their face.

If you've never heard a car go by and your boyfriend say something along the lines of "Is that a *insert some fancy, exotic, confusing words explaining a car or car part*?" Good luck, Charlie. Get set to hear words they will have to explain over and over before they start to make sense.

9. You'll have to learn car terminology.

I know it sounds dumb now, but I promise it will save your life later.

Now before someone comes and tells me "my boyfriend doesn't do these things and he loves cars," well... does he really love them? Just kidding... but I'm telling you how I experience it. It is not the same for everyone, but there is always a general expectation from car guys, and it's not a bad thing, but it never hurts to be warned and given advice from other girls who are dating car boys.

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