I believe I can speak for most girls when I say we tend to overthink. Not only do we think about the worst possible outcome of a situation, but we also tend to get our hopes up about a guy we like who shows us even the slightest bit of attention.

Time after time, we say that we're not going to get our hopes up or even think about the boy, but we wind up daydreaming about all the cute dates we'd go on and plan out our perfect wedding in our heads.

We do all this thinking and we get our hopes up, just for the guy to ghost us or for us not to get a shot with him in the first place. We always blame the guys for doing this to us, but we never realize that it's our own faults.

We start thinking and hoping when a guy doesn't even mean to give off those signals. Just think about it: most of the heartbreak we go through is because we get our own hopes up. We get in our own heads, turning meaningless conversations into, "He was definitely flirting with me," and putting "pieces" (that don't even exist) together to come up with the conclusion that they like us.

I can't even count the number of times that I've done that to myself when the guy wasn't even interested in me. A couple of times, the guy was interested in my friend instead.

I'm sick and tired of feeling the way I do when I get my hopes up and crushed. I'm tired of feeling and looking stupid. It's heartache that shouldn't even happen.

Girls, if you know the way I feel, I suggest that we just ignore those "signs" and meaningless flirting until the guy ACTUALLY makes a move. Stop putting non-existent pieces together and getting hurt when the guy winds up not liking you back. It's in our own hands to protect our hearts.

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