I live a busy lifestyle, between being a full-time student, working a part-time job, managing a club and several internships, it is difficult to find time for me to eat a decent meal let alone date.

With that busy schedule, I am absolutely exhausted and need to be in bed early to get a decent amount of sleep to be able to be a functioning human being the next day.

However, I make sure that I make time to do things that I enjoy and having fun with friends, so I am not working all the time and get at least a little break in my busy week.

If you ask me to go to brunch, I will drop all responsibilities and go!

Yes, I am the typical white girl and I love brunch, but who doesn't love brunch? You get to combine both breakfast and lunch into one meal! You can have breakfast foods at lunchtime, and nobody will judge you. You know what they say, "Bitches love brunch."

Let's skip all of the cliché dinner dates and all of the fancy stuff and go out to brunch.

If you love breakfast food as much as I do, then we will get along just fine!

I love breakfast foods such as eggs, hash browns, and pancakes and could eat them at any time of day.

I think that there is something special about making time in the middle of the day to go out with someone. Dates seem to usually take place in the evening once we have all finished the things that we need to get done during the rest of the day. Being able to make time in the middle of the day and clear your schedule to spend time with someone really shows how much they care for you and how much you care for someone else.

Adulting is hard and finding time in the day to spend with people you care about can be difficult. It shows someone that you really care if you make time for them despite your busy schedule.

Life is hard and dating is hard. Life is not easy, and nothing good comes easy.

We all want to find our significant other. We all want to find love. It is in our human nature to want to have a companion, someone to share our life with.

In reality, love does not come easy, it takes trial and error and heartbreak and healing to find the person you are meant to spend your life with.

Your person will come when the time is right.

God has a plan for you and he will give you your person at the perfect time. We do not know when that is, and all we can do is trust God and trust that he will bring us our personality.

The hardest part is the waiting, but it will be worth it.