God, send me someone who makes me a more loving, patient, forgiving, kind, honest, loyal, selfless, devoted, dedicated, giving, Christ-fearing person.

God, send me someone who is forgiving and patient. Someone who will see the flaws within me and love me through them. Someone who can see how short-tempered, hard-headed and impatient I can be, yet choses to stay and work through those things. Someone who learns to love my imperfections, because he can see all of the good within me. Someone who balances me out and builds me up, not someone who would ever use my weaknesses or flaws as a tool against me. Someone who I can always be myself with and I never have to pretend to be someone I am not, because he has took the time to know me, understand me and love me for exactly who I am.

God, send me someone who respects me. As I have grown older I have seen and realized that a love without respect is fleeting and undesirable. Someone who never asks for me to be something I am not, or tries to persuade me to do things that I do not agree with. Someone who pushes, encourages, motivates and inspires me every single day to be a better person and to stay true to myself.

God, send me someone who laughs with me through the good times of life and cries with me through the hard times. Someone who is as willing to stay during the hard times of life as they are the good times of life, through the rough patches of our relationship as the easiest moments of it. Someone I can depend on and trust through all stages of life. Someone who I know will be my biggest support system, outside of You, at the end of every day. Someone who will always welcome me with opening, loving arms at the end of every good and bad day, no matter what.

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God, send me someone who has eyes for only me. Someone who would never even let unfaithfulness cross his mind. Someone who sees me and everything I have to offer, and does not feel like they have to seek for anything more. Someone who never makes me feel unworthy of having them, in competition for their love and attention, or ever lets me forget how much they love me. Someone who will never attempt to make me jealous of another person. Someone who never lets me forget that I am a priority. Someone who is proud to have me, and happy to show me off, not someone who belittles me, compares me to others, or makes me feel like I am not good enough.

God, send me someone who is fun-loving and easygoing, so that we can enjoy our lives together as a team, but also someone who is strong-willed and serious about his relationship and love for you, so that we can enjoy Heaven together, as well. Send me someone who helps me grow in my relationship with you, someone who will take my future children to church, and someone who had prayed and prepared for me as much as I have prayed and prepared for him.

God, send me someone who will be my best friend, my life partner and the love of my life. Someone I can talk to every morning about how I hope my day will go and what I am worried about facing that day, and every night about how my day went and how I handled the challenges it held, with as much ease as I can talk to you about these things. Not someone to replace you, but someone who attempts to love and see me the way you love and see me, someone who listens to me the way you listen to me, someone who wants the best in my life the way you do. God, send me someone who I will be proud of, happy with, and loved by.

God, send me the someone who you created for me to answer these prayers, and God, when you do, let us never tear apart what you have so generously, lovingly, and magnificently welded together.