I try so hard and do my best to be there for you as much as I can be, but I can't do it anymore. I should not be giving you the wife material when you won't even acknowledge the way I treat you. I try and try, but you don't care about anything that I do. I did so much for you and none of it ever hit home with you. But you know what... that is okay. I need to be able to put myself first and make sure my heart is in the right place and not pine after someone who does not even realize the things that I am doing for him.

I want to be pursued by someone and have that guy who treats me right and notices the things that I am doing for him. You should be treated like a queen and if a guy does not see that than it is his loss because there is going to be that guy who does see that. That is the guy you want. The one who notices you and puts you first. Not the guy who only spends time with you when it's convenient or when he needs something from you because he knows that you're always there for them. Every time that I try I always get hurt and I don't want to get hurt anymore. I need to stop getting put second and take care of myself.

Girls you are so so so much better than that guy who puts you second and you deserve so so so much more than that. I know waiting can suck, but you deserve the guy who is going to care for you and about you. Not the guy who comes to you when it is worth it for him.

Now I know he may be sweet and he's different around you or you know who he really is, trust me I have been there and said all of those things. But if he doesn't treat you right, girl move on. Listen to those friends around you who see the way he really is and the skepticism that they are bringing up. In the end, those friends only want what is best for you. And girl, believe me, the boy that puts you second is not the one.

All that boy will bring is pain and unwanted feelings that you don't need to be questioning. Don't waste your time on someone who doesn't appreciate you and don't waste your energy on someone who doesn't even realize how good you are. You are wonderful and deserve the best. Find a guy who is going to give you that because if he is putting you second now, imagine what will happen down the road. It's okay to be single and take the time to be with yourself, but it is better to be single than to go through a constant cycle of pain and heartache.