Cupid is surely making his way whether we like it or not. Valentine's Day is all about romance and love, and of course, spending it with your significant other if you have one.

Planning something on this day of love can really be a hassle—especially in college since everyone is either in love or single as heck. And it gets even harder if your frat star of a boyfriend isn't the most enthusiastic about Valentine's Day. Luckily, if you're trying to plan the best guy approved Valentine's Day date, these 14 college guys confessed what they'd actually want to do on Valentine's Day:

1. Dinner and a movie

"I love movies and food. So there's nothing better than a good movie and a nice dinner."

2. Home cooked and a city tour

"I don't have a girlfriend, but I've had this dream Valentine's Day date planned for the special girl that will someday come into my life. First, I invite her over and I cook dinner for us and then a tour of the city."

3. Cuddled up

"A romantic evening by a fireplace, cuddled up in pajamas and watching a movie with candles lit."

4. Spooky season?

"Watching a scary movie so she can cuddle up next to me."

5. The bedroom

"Just a whole night in the bedroom."

6. Get drunk

"Honestly, a night in getting drunk together would be perfect."

7. All about her

"I don't want to sound corny, but Valentine's Day is all about the girl so wherever she wants to go for dinner and then a stop at her favorite store for something nice."

8. Go with the flow

"I don't have an ideal celebration idea, I just kind of go with whatever she picks."

9. Go to the bar

"Going bar hopping is and will forever be my idea date for anything."

10. Scavenger hunt

"I've always had an idea to make a scavenger hunt for my girl and then have me naked waiting for her at the end. It doesn't get better than that."

11. A sports game

"To go watch my favorite NBA team play."

12. A couple's massage

"A long day at a massage place with my date would be the best thing ever."

13. Double date

"My best buddy and I have always wanted to go on a double date on Valentine's Day."

14. Netflix

"Making a bunch of snacks and staying in bed and watching Netflix."

And there you have it, ladies. If you know you're going to be doing something special with someone on February 14, make sure you plan ahead for any of these that might come your way.