So these days dating and relationships just seem so messed up. No one wants to have a real relationship, and we all just feel like there's no point in even trying to date in this twisted world.

Well, ladies, I am here to reassure you that a good guy is out there waiting for you, just like you are for him. I asked 13 guys what they looked for in their future wives and here is what they had to say.

1. "Intelligent, beautiful, logical, stable, creative, funny, charismatic (lol I'm basically describing myself) mature, nurturing/caring, hard-working and ambitious, sensitive but strong, loyal, reliable, but most importantly, is the genuine connection I'd hope to have with her."

Taylor, 22

2. "I look for a sense of humor and intelligence. I'd like her to be at least remotely interested in what I do for a living. Also I'd highly prefer she has goals and ambitions, as in she wants to leave home and go do bigger and better things. I want someone who's gonna motivate me or push me to achieve my goals without doing so in a nagging or annoying way. I'd like if we had common interests, but I hope we can introduce each other to new things we can bond with. Also I need someone to learn French with."

Scott, 20

3. "Probably someone outgoing; I suck at initiating things. Also, the ability to navigate in this socially tense world and will be able to have the openness needed to put our goals into the universe so we can obtain our prosperity together."

Steven, 19

4. "I want my wife to be driven. There's nothing more attractive than a woman with goals and aspirations akin to mine. Mediocrity is the ugliest thing in this world, so I want to someone alongside me pushing to be anything but average. Pair that compassion. My mother always told me there's no place in a home for an evil heart. My parents were never perfect, but they both loved people unconditionally without question. I need to see that same trait in my partner. Everything else will work itself out."

Austin, 21

5. "Smart, caring, loving, compassionate."


6. "If my wife wants to start a family, she must understand the sacrifices and responsibilities needed to raise a child. Whether it's taking off from work, spending time with them, and understanding that your son/daughter is NOT your friend. They are MUCH more than that and my wife and I must be ready to be accountable for our child/children."

Anonymous, 21

7. "Funny as hell and can take jokes, likes good music, cuddly, not afraid to take it easy and doesn't mind cheap dates, always there to help cheer me up when I'm down, loves to try new things and to push me to be a better person."

Anonymous, 20

8. "Some personality traits that I would hope for in a future wife are someone who is family oriented, kindhearted, smart, honest, respectful, understanding, empathetic, ambitious, friendly, and has a good sense of humor. I would like if she is opinionated, healthy, loves animals, writing, and traveling. She needs to have confidence and loves what she does. I hope that she is someone who makes good decisions and cares about herself as much as she does about me."

Andrew, 25

9. "If she can listen to my thoughts and feelings, I'd wife her up immediately."

Anonymous, 20

10. "Humor, strength, loyalty, extroverted (because I'm an introvert), beautiful, authentic."

Anonymous, 22

11. "Intelligent, caring and loyal."

Jonathan, 20

12. "Caring, honest, faithful, easy going."

Gehrig, 19

13. "I want someone dependable, understanding, caring, a good listener, and someone who love me for me, rather than for my material things."

Anonymous, 19

So, there you have it. Some guys do still look for that genuine relationship, instead of today's version of dating. Don't give up hope, the good guys are still out there looking for love too!