25 Types Of Guys You'll Definitely Come Across On Tinder

So, last year, I joined the Tinder community just to see what it was like. I've never experienced online dating but my best friend pretty much introduced me. I wasn't really into it and plus, I watch way too many documentaries and movies about meeting psychos online. I met a few people and we hit it off, and some were just straight awkward.

Over the course of the months using Tinder, I've met pretty interesting guys. I can definitely say that there's a pattern and a category of the different types of guys you see on Tinder. Here are some of the types:

1. The guy who's always partying

Trust me, we all know this guy. This dude always has a red solo cup in his hand, a sweat stain on his shirt, and the background is always a different bar. Sometimes you wonder, does this dude even go to class? He also probably has a tally mark of his body count so stay away from these types girl!

2. "I'm just here for a good time not a long time," or the "I just want to have sex."

Translation: "I'm just here to smash and dip." We all know these types of guys—they live up to Tinder's stereotypes. Somewhere in his journal or his "notes" section on his iPhone, he has a list of all of the girl's names he had sex with. And yes, unfortunately, 70 percent of Tinder's dating pool usually consists of these guys.

3. The animal lover...

To be specific, DOGS are the most common animal picture. No one wants to pet a mean cat who's probably going to scratch you for looking at them wrong. This is a trick guys use to pull you in. They just want you to swipe right and ask to pet their dog. But you can't pet them until you have sex with them. Stop being distracted by the Weiner dog in his hotdog costume and focus sis.

4. The guy who is in a group picture in EVERY photo.

Like damn, which one am I talking to? You would think that you're talking to the tall guy in the photo, but then when you guys actually meet, he was the short guy with the yellow teeth.

5. The couple that's looking for a threesome.

Yeah, absolutely not. Their bios begin with, "Just a fun-loving couple who's just trying to have some more fun." Or something like, "Just trying to spice up the bedroom a little." I came across a couple before and it was really weird. I never swiped right for obvious reasons but i wonder if people are actually interested and swipe.

6. The catfish...

We always run into these unfortunately. If you don't show me a picture or video of you with a spoon on your nose the first day, I'm un-matching you with the quickness. I've seen my friends gets played and I'm not about to let that happen. I'm not expressing my feelings to a 7-year-old boy. I don't understand why people catfish others because you're going to meet them eventually.

7. The 60-year-old man looking for a "companion."

I think you're on the wrong website sir, you should be on the Sugar Daddy apps. But then again, you can set your age range to whatever you want. If your age range is set until 70, you might have a problem. But then again, do you.

8. The musician.

This guy is super talented with guitar, singing, piano, trombone, or whatever musical instrument they touch. These people can be either down to earth or straight psychos. Get on their bad side and they'll write a song about you even worse than Taylor Swift.

9. The liberal who insists on ranting about politics.

Me: *Nothing*


10. The sarcastic guy who's always making jokes.

These guys are actually funny. They'll either tell it like it is or make you laugh. My bio is pretty sarcastic too, so I always tend to go for guys who at least have a sense of humor for once!

11. The one who's profile consists nothing but cars.

I'm not interested in getting to know a Lamborghini, that you probably don't own.

12. The ex-con, or the dude who is always in and out of jail.

The only reason why he's "interested" in you is because you said that you have a job and to him, that's commissary money sweetie. RUN or you'll be "holding it down" for the next 10 years of your life.

13. The overly sensitive guy.

I actually like sensitive guys. But you can't be crying when I have a different opinion than you. All I said was that I don't like "Star Wars." Calm down.

14. The drug dealer

NOPE! I also remember some guy swiped on me just to ask me who is selling the best goods on campus. But these types of hardcore dealers are ones you should stay away from.

15. The complete weirdo (who probably super-liked you)

Some of their profiles are funny and are just meant for jokes. But I remember that one time I came across that weirdo who had a gun to his head. Yeah, time to delete the app.

16. The redneck

You know, the one posed next to the deer he just killed...and is possibly cooking it for dinner.

17. The aspiring SoundCloud rapper who only wants you to listen to their music.

I can't tell you the number of times I've had DMs from dudes asking me to give their mixtape a listen. I honestly can't even tell you if it's trash or not because I would un-match them instantly.

18. The dude who's clearly married but claims to be "separated."

Yeah, okay William. Who is that in your third pic? Not your "cousin" again.

19. The one with a kid.

I didn't sign up to be a step-mom or another baby mama. Are your kids even okay with this?

20. The adventurous one. No seriously, every picture is a different scene!

I'm so jealous because these guys are traveling everywhere! Hopefully if we hit it off enough maybe I'll get to go too. I've always wanted to play with elephants in Thailand so do you want to invite a plus one?

21. The poetic guy who is really into art.

They lure you in with their artistic skills and then BOOM, you just spent $600 on splatter paint.

22. The adventurous one. No seriously, every picture is a different scene!

I'm so jealous because these guys are traveling everywhere! Hopefully if we hit it off enough maybe I'll get to go too. I've always wanted to play with elephants in Thailand so do you want to invite a plus one?

23. The guy who is fake "woke."

These kind of guys will talk your ear off about slavery and all of that. Some way, some how, the conversation always leads back to race and the justice system. I like learning about that stuff, but it starts to get annoying while we're out to dinner, please stop.

24. The poetic guy who is really into art.

They lure you in with their artistic skills and then BOOM, you just spent $600 on splatter paint.

25. The one who INSISTS that you should know about his height or penis size.

Listen Jake, no one cares if you're 6'4 with a huge thing down there. If you don't have a good personality then this conversation is over. If this is all you have to offer then maybe you shouldn't be in a relationship.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

Having A 'Talking Stage' Proves Why Millennials Just Suck At Dating

Because who actually "commits" in 2019?


As a millennial who is currently in college, I've noticed that dating isn't how it used to be like back in 1995. We are the generation that can't live without our phones, are tech-savvy, and sadly, the ones who suck at dating.

This is not another bitter article because I "don't have a man," or I'm "jealous of what people have." In fact, I am actually in a good place and I am speaking on behalf of what I've seen. I'm tired of my friends coming up to me crying because their "man-who-isn't-really-their-man" isn't acting right.

I've seen more friends with benefits and flings rather than relationships.

Maybe I'm different, but I can't imagine just being around someone only to have sex. After a while, that gets extremely boring and if you have nothing else to offer, you just get "ghosted" instead of telling that person how you really feel.

See, in my opinion, that's the problem with this generation. Sex is considered meaningless now and it is basically easy to get. With all of these dating apps swirling around, it's almost impossible to avoid it. People would rather have meaningless sex than get to know a person and commit. It's like every time the word "commitment" or "relationship" is brought up, that person runs away. But they're so comfortable to have sex.

What really irritates me is that after two weeks, a lot of guys, in particular, get mad when a girl asks him to get rid of his "hoes" or "other girls he's talking to," but still expect a girl to drop their pants after talking to them for two hours.

That's another thing too. Let's talk about the "talking stage." So basically, by INFORMAL definition, the "talking stage" is basically when two people just TALK before dating. Did you make a face yet? Because that exists now. But seriously, talking about WHAT honestly? Don't you do that when you're I don't know, DATING? And even during the talking stage, people still have sex, which makes no sense to me. You guys aren't dating but you're not dealing with anyone else. In fact, they'll get mad when you're hooking up with someone else. And when you start to catch feelings, it ends with "Oh, I'm not ready for a relationship right now."

So what exactly are we doing then?

Wasting my time?

Imagine filling out a relationship status on a ballot or something and the options are; "single," "married," "widowed," or "we're talking." And no, that's not what "it's complicated" is for.

It's sad because I feel as if this generation forgot how to love again. There are many people who are currently in relationships who are lucky. But for the rest of this generation, people would rather bang it out then talk it out. And people would rather "talk" than "date." I mean, what's wrong with both? If you're happy with what you are doing, then do what ever you want girl! If you are in this situation and you're unhappy, then what exactly do you want? Attention is nice, but after a while, if that person isn't really fulfilling your needs, what's the point of being with them then?

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Saving Myself From My Emotionally Abusive Relationship Meant Leaving Behind The Person I Loved The Most

Don't let the amount of time you guys have spent together, make you feel like you're obligated to stay.


At the end of my senior year in high school, I met a guy that swept me off my feet. I was 18, naive and ready to jump into the world of college and find myself. The first month was magical, as it usually is, filled with so many dates and getting to know as much as I could about him. It was all about making memories and falling in love. Every spare moment was spent together watching movies or trying a new restaurant.

Three months into the relationship, he started to get extremely jealous and overbearing. I put up with it and tried my best to be the "best girlfriend" I could be. I was suffocating in my relationship. I was running out of my own air to breathe because every time I turned around, he was right there. In my space and trying to invade my every waking thought. It got to the point where he demanded to know where I was and who I was with at all times. I couldn't be on my phone for too long while we were together because he needed my absolute and complete attention. If I took too long to reply, even if it was 10 minutes, he would get upset. It was terrible.

We broke up one or two times during our almost two-year-long relationship and every time, he would beg and grovel and say that he could be whoever I needed him to be. He promised that things would get better. That together, we would be better. It was so easy to believe him. He was a few years older and charming. No matter what "changes" were made to our relationship, things never improved. Every day I would get upset text messages, and texts that would be demanding to know if one of my guy friends had given me a hug after class.

My grades starting slipping. I was spending all of my time trying to avoid a screaming match instead of looking over my notes and studying. I started to lose sight of my goals and I felt that I was losing myself in the mix. I stopped doing my hair and putting on nice clothes. I completely gave up on makeup altogether, I was too miserable to even attempt to blend my foundation. I was baffled over how something that started so magical, could make me feel like I was less than. It was hard to really explain to people what was going on. My friends who were out of state at a college or in the military weren't home to see how bad things had gotten. I kept my family in the dark because I was almost scared in a way to tell them the truth. I was miserable.

Almost a year ago, I finally built up the courage to cut all ties with him. He thought that I was leaving him for someone else. Throughout the whole relationship, I had always told him that there was no one else but he never believed me and I think that caused a lot of our problems. I stopped replying to his texts, didn't answer any phone calls and could not stop looking over my shoulder. In the first month that we had broken up, he had left two letters under my door at work, had stooped to texting my mother and I was becoming more and more paranoid.

Once I was out of that relationship and on my own again, I started thriving.

I was able to make new friends without fear, I could stop holding my breath and finally breathe. I felt free. Things in my life all started falling into place. I was able to confide in my family and friends about what I had been experiencing, I got into my dream school, and got a car. My life was my own again and I was more myself than ever.

The moral of the story here is that no matter how much you may want to fix things or make things work, you cannot let yourself sink. There has to be a moment where you decide for yourself that it is your turn to take control back and make a change in your life. Even though I didn't reach out for help, I wish I would have. If I could have confided in friends and family, maybe things may have ended even earlier. Don't let the amount of time that you're in a relationship with someone make you feel like you must stay with them. Your own health and safety are always what is most important. There is always a way out. There is always a light at the end of every dark tunnel.

If there is something else even worse going on and you need help, please call the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence Hotline Number. (301)-429-3601.

Whatever you are going through, there are happy times ahead.

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