25 Types Of Guys You'll Definitely Come Across On Tinder

So, last year, I joined the Tinder community just to see what it was like. I've never experienced online dating but my best friend pretty much introduced me. I wasn't really into it and plus, I watch way too many documentaries and movies about meeting psychos online. I met a few people and we hit it off, and some were just straight awkward.

Over the course of the months using Tinder, I've met pretty interesting guys. I can definitely say that there's a pattern and a category of the different types of guys you see on Tinder. Here are some of the types:

1. The guy who's always partying

Trust me, we all know this guy. This dude always has a red solo cup in his hand, a sweat stain on his shirt, and the background is always a different bar. Sometimes you wonder, does this dude even go to class? He also probably has a tally mark of his body count so stay away from these types girl!

2. "I'm just here for a good time not a long time," or the "I just want to have sex."

Translation: "I'm just here to smash and dip." We all know these types of guys—they live up to Tinder's stereotypes. Somewhere in his journal or his "notes" section on his iPhone, he has a list of all of the girl's names he had sex with. And yes, unfortunately, 70 percent of Tinder's dating pool usually consists of these guys.

3. The animal lover...

To be specific, DOGS are the most common animal picture. No one wants to pet a mean cat who's probably going to scratch you for looking at them wrong. This is a trick guys use to pull you in. They just want you to swipe right and ask to pet their dog. But you can't pet them until you have sex with them. Stop being distracted by the Weiner dog in his hotdog costume and focus sis.

4. The guy who is in a group picture in EVERY photo.

Like damn, which one am I talking to? You would think that you're talking to the tall guy in the photo, but then when you guys actually meet, he was the short guy with the yellow teeth.

5. The couple that's looking for a threesome.

Yeah, absolutely not. Their bios begin with, "Just a fun-loving couple who's just trying to have some more fun." Or something like, "Just trying to spice up the bedroom a little." I came across a couple before and it was really weird. I never swiped right for obvious reasons but i wonder if people are actually interested and swipe.

6. The catfish...

We always run into these unfortunately. If you don't show me a picture or video of you with a spoon on your nose the first day, I'm un-matching you with the quickness. I've seen my friends gets played and I'm not about to let that happen. I'm not expressing my feelings to a 7-year-old boy. I don't understand why people catfish others because you're going to meet them eventually.

7. The 60-year-old man looking for a "companion."

I think you're on the wrong website sir, you should be on the Sugar Daddy apps. But then again, you can set your age range to whatever you want. If your age range is set until 70, you might have a problem. But then again, do you.

8. The musician.

This guy is super talented with guitar, singing, piano, trombone, or whatever musical instrument they touch. These people can be either down to earth or straight psychos. Get on their bad side and they'll write a song about you even worse than Taylor Swift.

9. The liberal who insists on ranting about politics.

Me: *Nothing*


10. The sarcastic guy who's always making jokes.

These guys are actually funny. They'll either tell it like it is or make you laugh. My bio is pretty sarcastic too, so I always tend to go for guys who at least have a sense of humor for once!

11. The one who's profile consists nothing but cars.

I'm not interested in getting to know a Lamborghini, that you probably don't own.

12. The ex-con, or the dude who is always in and out of jail.

The only reason why he's "interested" in you is because you said that you have a job and to him, that's commissary money sweetie. RUN or you'll be "holding it down" for the next 10 years of your life.

13. The overly sensitive guy.

I actually like sensitive guys. But you can't be crying when I have a different opinion than you. All I said was that I don't like "Star Wars." Calm down.

14. The drug dealer

NOPE! I also remember some guy swiped on me just to ask me who is selling the best goods on campus. But these types of hardcore dealers are ones you should stay away from.

15. The complete weirdo (who probably super-liked you)

Some of their profiles are funny and are just meant for jokes. But I remember that one time I came across that weirdo who had a gun to his head. Yeah, time to delete the app.

16. The redneck

You know, the one posed next to the deer he just killed...and is possibly cooking it for dinner.

17. The aspiring SoundCloud rapper who only wants you to listen to their music.

I can't tell you the number of times I've had DMs from dudes asking me to give their mixtape a listen. I honestly can't even tell you if it's trash or not because I would un-match them instantly.

18. The dude who's clearly married but claims to be "separated."

Yeah, okay William. Who is that in your third pic? Not your "cousin" again.

19. The one with a kid.

I didn't sign up to be a step-mom or another baby mama. Are your kids even okay with this?

20. The adventurous one. No seriously, every picture is a different scene!

I'm so jealous because these guys are traveling everywhere! Hopefully if we hit it off enough maybe I'll get to go too. I've always wanted to play with elephants in Thailand so do you want to invite a plus one?

21. The poetic guy who is really into art.

They lure you in with their artistic skills and then BOOM, you just spent $600 on splatter paint.

22. The adventurous one. No seriously, every picture is a different scene!

I'm so jealous because these guys are traveling everywhere! Hopefully if we hit it off enough maybe I'll get to go too. I've always wanted to play with elephants in Thailand so do you want to invite a plus one?

23. The guy who is fake "woke."

These kind of guys will talk your ear off about slavery and all of that. Some way, some how, the conversation always leads back to race and the justice system. I like learning about that stuff, but it starts to get annoying while we're out to dinner, please stop.

24. The poetic guy who is really into art.

They lure you in with their artistic skills and then BOOM, you just spent $600 on splatter paint.

25. The one who INSISTS that you should know about his height or penis size.

Listen Jake, no one cares if you're 6'4 with a huge thing down there. If you don't have a good personality then this conversation is over. If this is all you have to offer then maybe you shouldn't be in a relationship.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

If You Cheat, You Deserve To Be Alone

Cheating is never good.


From Beyoncé and Jay Z to Tristan and Khloe, we have all heard of at least one famous, media cheating scandal from time to time. However, cheating has been a common occurrence in today's media. If you ask me, it has been occurring a little TOO often. Recently, we have had major cheating scandals occur in the media from YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Brad Sosua, to royalty family's own William and Kate's recent cheating rumor. Cheating is popping up EVERYWHERE from the people you'd least expect.

Which brings me to my first point, these stories are talked about like they are "Breaking News."

These people cheated on their significant others people! This is not something that should be normalized and applauded. These people did something horrible and degrading to another person and we act like it's just another story for our entertainment. The whole idea of "celebrity cheating" is always controversial but for all the wrong reasons. People are quick to choose sides of their favorite celebrities instead of hearing both sides.

Just a friendly reminder: cheating is NEVER good, no matter who is involved.

They could be your childhood idol, your current idol, your past idol. At the end of the day, this person is a human being who hurt another human being in a selfish way. I would be absolutely devastated if my idol and role model turned out to be someone I don't agree with. However, after knowing that my beloved role model has done something like cheat, I would not be able to look at them the same let alone continue to support and admire them. Celebrities have this "untouchable" quality to them which at times means that people turn a blind eye to their wrong doings e.i cheating.

These people do not deserve your support or your free publicity.

The more we publish, debate, and celebrate people for their bad behavior the more we are reinforcing it. Someone remotely famous does a bad deed and in return we give them "clout." Cheating leaves someone feeling terrible about themselves and feeling like an idiot. Cheating makes people rethink their entire relationship and even blame themselves. That feeling sucks as is and I can only imagine how it feels to have the whole world also trying to add their two sense as well.

At the end of the day, people should remember the golden rule just like we learned in the first f*cking grade: treat people the way you would want to be treated.

Would you voluntarily want to be cheated on? Would you want someone you loved and trusted to go against that for another person? I really hope that answer is no. If you aren't happy in a relationship then break up with the other person first. The feeling of getting dumped is better than the feeling of being betrayed. Taking advantage of a person's love and trust is cruel and if you are someone who does that or supports that, I don't think you really understand the feeling or meaning of the word.

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Growing Up In A House With Domestic Violence Raised My Standards In Relationships Now

Even without him realizing it, my father raised me. He set a standard for me as an adult.


I've never really written to the world about this. I would tell my friends, some teachers knew a bit, but I never mentioned it to the world...

My family was a victim of domestic violence.

It took me very long to write this out; hell, it took me a while to think about all the messed up, twisted things my father did to me and my family without me curling in a ball and crying. All the grabbing, burning, hitting, screaming and verbal abuse consumed me for a very long time, and yet I would go to school every day with a smile on my face as if everything was okay. Now I believe I am at the time in my life where I can write about it and not ache. Whenever I tell people, they look at me like I'm a hurt puppy.

I am stronger now.

My mom is stronger now.

My mom. She is by far the strongest person I have ever known in my entire life. She took years of beating, mind games and heartache for her children. She is now a single mom who raised three children, one who is graduating from high school taking five AP classes, one who is graduating from college with her Bachelor's degree, and another who just got married. All she ever wanted was for us to be successful, and not for any one of us to fall into an abusive relationship as she did.

So I'm careful.

I don't ever want to be in the same position that my mom went through. I'm more hesitant to open up to people. I have become a much more independent person so in the future, I don't have to rely on anyone anymore.

Growing up in a house of fear gave me determination. Seeing my mom work from the ground up, seeing her pray, seeing her not let her past consume her is inspiring. The biggest thanks I can give to her is my success and my happiness. Her knowing that her struggles and her pain did not go to waste. So I work hard every day: I go to school, I go to work, I do my extracurricular activities, I have weekly phone calls with my family, and I keep in constant connection with my therapist to make sure I am at peace of mind in my life. I know I can't do it all, but I strive to achieve greatness.

Growing up in a house where a man was so evil as to lay his hands on another person, any of us, made me realize that this can happen to anyone. I'm picky when it comes to my partners. I don't want to see a single red flag that my mother overlooked when she was my age. He may have that wonderful smile, but on the inside, he makes me feel like complete crap about myself and I will not stand for that. I want a man who will treat me with the respect I deserve and I am finally coming to the truth of what my self-worth is.

I am a passive person and that is because I hate conflict. I feel like if I just step aside, arguments and fights will not escalate but by doing so, I am giving the other person power. I am giving them the okay that they can step over me when they want to and I don't want that.

Negative verbal remarks will not stand with me anymore. Emotional manipulation will not stand with me anymore and above all, physical abuse will definitely not stand with me.

I've gone through a lot, I admit that, and that makes me vulnerable and over-analyze things sometimes when I don't need to but I am not sorry about that.

I am a strong, wonderful, intelligent woman and I will not let a man bring me down. I won't let anyone bring me down.

By growing up in a house with domestic violence, I have learned that even the ones that you claim to love most can still hurt you. The worst part is, they say sorry and you love them so much, you forgive them and then forget about it about until it happens again.

Well, I'm done forgiving and I most definitely will not forget.

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