As a girl, sometimes we don't know what to say to a guy we're getting to know. There's always those awkward moments and we're not sure how to keep the conversation flowing. Texting and Snapchatting are pretty much what you do to get to know someone. Getting to know someone new can be a hassle when communicating over social media and a cell phone, especially when you really don't know what to say.

I asked 10 guys what the most annoying thing a girl can text them when getting to know them and here are their answers.

1. "We should hang out sometime."

"I understand we should hang out, but when? Don't just say sometime because that's vague." - Ethan, age 20

2. "I don't think I love you anymore."

"It's annoying and heartbreaking. Why waste my time?" - John, age 22

3. "I'm late" or "I'm pregnant"

"This is more scary than annoying, but still." - Adam, age 20

4. "I'm hanging out with someone I like."

"I thought we had something. Like we were hanging out and then out of no where sends this." - Alex, age 22

5. "A breakup text of any kind"

"Breaking up over text is the absolute worst." - Austin, age 21

6. "We need to talk."

"Just tell me what you're thinking instead of building up tension." - Brendan, age 20

7. "I don't care."

"Like getting food together. If she asks, 'let's get food.' And I say, 'Okay, where?' and then she says, "I don't care.' It makes me so mad." - Dylan, age 21

8. "Lol."

"I'm going to stop talking to you immediately if you just say 'lol.'" Garett, age 22

9. "Dude"

"Don't call me dude if you're a girl." - Brett, age 22

10. "K."

"It's the ultimate conversation killer and a huge turn off." - Ryan, age 19

Well, at least we know what not to do if we want to keep that guy interested in us. And now we also know what to do if we want to call it quits...!