Being a girl with a Snapchat is quite the experience. From receiving unsolicited pictures of things you could've gone your entire life without seeing to the late night blue snap messages, you see it all.

Boys are quick to throw shade about girls being crazy or clingy the second they get their feelings hurt, but can we talk about the way they communicate via Snapchat?

I'm not saying chivalry is entirely dead, but chances are if he's Snapchatting you as opposed to texting you, he's not looking for anything more than a place to stay after the bars and sneak out of in the morning.

So, I asked around and gathered the top ten things that guys have been sending my girlfriends over Snapchat.

1. "What are you doing, like later?"

Sleeping... alone, but thanks for thinking about hanging out with me once you leave all the people you associate with during normal hours. Really, how thoughtful.

2. "I'm downtown, I can swing by your place after."

I'm also downtown. With my friends, having fun... not everything is about you and your sexual agenda. I didn't ask you to come over in the first place!

3. "U up?"

It's nine o'clock pal, I'm up. Doesn't mean I up to hang out with you.

I genuinely thought this was a Twitter joke until asking around. Do better, boys.

4. "Ubering home, want to come over?"

You're Ubering, so you've been drinking. Feel free to call me when you're sober if you wanna have breakfast!

5. "Wanna chill?"


Realistically, he is just trying to have sex with you.

6. "Can I see a little more?"

It's summer. You're in a swimsuit, but God forbid you respond to their Snapchat and not expect them to ask for nudes after. Seriously? How old are we?

7. "Wanna smoke?"

Guys think they're being creative or subtle when using this approach. A for effort, I guess?

Don't get me wrong, there are guys out there with admirable intentions. However, they are few and far between. If you find one, kudos! Until then, it is in all of our best interest to stop communicating with them before nine o'clock unless you're just looking for a good laugh.