Forgive me in advance for having my mind in the gutter, but if you've ever been on Twitter (especially recently), it's clear the world's a naughty place, so we're all getting coal for the holidays anyway.

Since I love a good Hallmark Christmas movie as much as the next cheesy movie lover, I couldn't help myself but to jump on the Twitter meme bandwagon. After all, making something entirely innocent and wholesome dirty is fun for everyone, right?

All jokes aside, some of these are just too good to not laugh at. Here are 11 things you might say — or at least thoughts you've probably had — during sex that could easily be said while binge-watching your favorite Hallmark holiday movies:

1. "I could do this all night."

2. "This is so predictable."

3. "It's the same thing every time."

4. "Let's pause for a snack break."

5. "Oh no, I fell asleep before the good part."

6. "Maybe it'll get better in the second half."

7. "Wait... that's it? It's over?"

8. "Why am I crying?"

9. "That was shorter than expected."

10. "Definitely better than I thought it would be."

11. "Wasn't great, but I'm still hooked."

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