SPOILER ALERT: "The Bachelor" Finale

Both women deserved and still deserve better. For a million reasons.

For starters, Madison deserved to be respected when she told Peter she was waiting until marriage. Her feelings deserved to be validated. Her heart was on the line just as much (if not more than) Peter's heart was. Madison deserves to find someone who loves her enough to respect her wishes and to be on the same page as she is. She deserves someone who holds her same value system, someone who wants to grow with her. She doesn't deserve to feel like or be a second choice to Peter. If Peter really loved Madison, he would have gone after her in that moment instead of proposing to Hannah Ann first.

If Madison decides to pursue things with Peter now, it is her choice, but she'll look like a fool.

Similarly, Hannah Ann deserved someone to be just as committed to her. She deserves to have someone who loves her just as much as she is able to give love to someone. Hannah Ann is right to be pissed at Peter for taking away one of the most special moments in her life. She is right to tell him that he should have just let her go instead of taking away what should have been her only engagement. Hannah Ann also never deserved to feel like she was Peter's second choice. She did not deserve to feel blindsided when Peter downplayed his feelings for Madison. Here's hoping that Hannah Ann finds that great big love that she deserves.

Peter Weber was selfish in the choices he made. He should have had more respect for both women and been as honest as he could have been with them.

He should have gone after Madison if he was that in love with her, he should have let Hannah Ann go when he knew he could not give her his whole heart. Instead, he made the choice to put both of these women through the ringer and neither one of them deserved it. They both deserve so much better.

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