Fans of "The Bachelor" know just how dramatic and frustrating each episode can be, and the season premiere of Peter's season of "The Bachelor" was no exception. Last season, Peter went home heartbroken after bachelorette Hannah Brown chose Jed and Tyler to be her final two. After things didn't work out so well for Hannah, we found her questioning her decision to send Peter home when she made an appearance for Peter's first day as the new bachelor.

While I, along with many fans, find Hannah's intentions to be a little questionable, I don't think we should be judgmental of what Peter decides to do. Now, I am a little biased, because I've always been a fan of Hannah's, but hear me out.

Peter was in love with Hannah last season. There's no question about that. And Hannah loved him back. What unfortunately led to Peter leaving heartbroken was some misguided steps by Hannah, and I think we can all relate to her not knowing exactly what to do when it comes to her heart.

Relationships can be pretty tricky, and hindsight always gives us much clearer vision.

Despite Hannah's feelings though, this is about Peter. This is HIS season and it's HIS turn to find love, and if he thinks he may still be able to find that once-in-a-lifetime love with Hannah, I think that he should let her stay in the house.

And sure, sure, I know it's unfair to all of the other contestants who want to be the girl with the final rose at the end of all of this, but that's not a fair argument to not let Hannah stay. After all, this isn't another game show. We're talking about Peter's future wife. Things aren't always fair when it comes to relationships, and I don't think anyone wants Peter to pick someone at the end of this just because it was "fair" to them.

So, although I am a little skeptical of Hannah and the timing of all of this, I think we should leave the decision-making up to Peter. I mean, it is HIS wife that he's after.

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