I have been let down many times before.

Whether it’s been having the “let’s just be friends” talk to finding out that yes, he actually does have a girlfriend, I have realized how precious my own happiness is. Instead of letting these situations affect me in a negative way, I have acknowledged that there was a reason they never worked out.

You know when people get out of relationships and they spend more time working on themselves? They make a habit of going to the gym three times a week, or they finally cut their hair the way they want to because they don’t have to listen to anyone else’s opinion but their own. That’s how I feel right now.

Except instead of going through a break-up with a specific person, it’s like I’m going through a break-up with a series of guys who all have one thing in common: they have got nothing going for themselves.

They don’t have a purpose, which means they are just really negative about everything. Meanwhile, you are dealing with an average of about five to ten issues that are causing you some kind of stress on a daily basis, yet you still manage to say thank you to the Starbucks barista who messed up your order twice.

You are at such a good place in your life right now, and you feel like this is the first time you have finally established the most important relationship that matters: the one you have with yourself.

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Which is why you are practically in shock when another person comes along. This person isn’t like anyone else you’ve met before, and you feel a strong connection to them before the words even come out of your mouth.

You decide to reach out to this person and hope that the feeling’s mutual, but given all of your past experiences, you know not to expect anything special. Yet things DO go well and it’s like you’re almost waiting in anticipation for the moment that things go wrong.

Stop waiting for that moment because it’s not going to come. At least, not anytime soon.

If he texts you about that weird thing you’re obsessed with just so he has an excuse to talk to you, he probably DOES like you.

If he reads articles like this one (even if it’s maybe just because you wrote it), then he probably DOES like you.

If he sends you personalized Snapchats that are only meant for you, then he probably DOES like you.

If he isn’t the best with social media and texting, but you guys have a blast in person, then he probably DOES like you.

If he makes you feel special, that’s because YOU ARE.

You are the prize, so start acting like it. Quit fueling your mind with all of these negative thoughts about how things are going to go wrong and start believing that for once, things are going to go right.

Don’t be afraid to let yourself dream about the possibilities of a future relationship. Hell, don’t even think you’re crazy for thinking that he just may be your soulmate. All of your feelings are valid and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Remember that just because someone likes you doesn’t mean they necessarily want a relationship with you, but it’s certainly a good indicator. Don’t rush into anything, but let yourself dream. Be present in the moments that you have with him and for God’s sake, just believe that things are going to go damn right (for once).

Because they will.

And if not with this guy, they will go right with the next one. Or the one after that.

Trust me.