He's A Keeper If...

1. He holds your hand in public- without you asking

2. He screenshots your Snapchats because you look cute and he wants to show you off

3. He wants to meet your family and enjoys spending time with them

4. He kisses your forehead...because there is something so sweet and innocent about that

5. He says your beautiful without makeup because understanding true beauty is important

6. He replies to you as soon as he sees your text or call because you're his number one priority always

7. Your heart skips a beat when you see him

8. He brings you food without being asked to surprise you (because let's be honest food always makes a girl happy)

9. He stays up late just to talk to you

10. He calls you unexpectedly just to hear your voice and ask you how your day was

11. You can't help but smile being around him

12. Your heart beams when he winks at you

13. He brags about you to his friends and family

14. He is proud to call you his...ALWAYS

15. He's a helpless romantic and has a soft side

16. He texts you randomly just to see how you are

17. He goes to your games to shamelessly cheer for you

18. He knows all your favorite things and places to go

19. He's there to protect you unconditionally

20. He finds perfections in your imperfections

21. He always make sure you know how much he cares

22. He puts his relationship with God before you and encourages you to grow in your own

and most importantly,