When you like a person, you're crazy about them.

They're all you think about during the day and even pop into your dreams at night. You wonder if maybe they're thinking about you and if they share the same feelings as you. It turns you into sort of a crazy person but it's a good kind of crazy (nothing like Joe in You…).

So, what if you aren't in their every thought and what if you don't even really cross their mind until late at night when you're already in bed? You've been thinking about them ALL DAY and even reached out, but they don't even get back to you until 1 a.m.

What if, you're just an afterthought?

No. No, no. NO. Not OK.

It is 2019 and with this world progressing the way it is and women calling men out on their bullshit, I think it's a great time to point out that it is not okay for me to sit here and deal with being a man's afterthought. It's all fine and dandy if you don't share the same feelings as you but if you just can't be bothered to focus on me until you just happen to think of me?

I'm good, you can move on. I think I'll be just fine without you. In fact, I'll be amazing.

Let's leave waiting around for a guy and settling for bullshit in the past, shall we ladies? My time is way too precious to be spent glancing at the phone every five minutes and having a sinking feeling that maybe he just isn't that into me when he's really just an ass.

Make time for me.

Show me you like me because I'm done wasting this life glancing at my phone all day only to receive a shitty "hey" at 1 a.m.

I'm not asking for a man to be obsessed or watching me through my open windows while I get ready for work (Beck I'm looking at you babe), just show me that you're interested in way that is actually obvious and not the world's most confusing riddle.

It really isn't that much to ask.