Buying presents or making surprise plans for your boyfriend or girlfriend can get really difficult, but sometimes one person will try to make it easier on the other by dropping a hint about the things or gestures they would appreciate most. If you're like me, sometimes those subtle hints can go straight over your head.

Here are 7 times the person you're celebrating Valentine's Day with might have given you a hint about what they want for Valentine's Day:

1. "Woah, look how cool that is!" *Shows you something on their phone.*

Yes, when they showed you that cool new gadget or custom socks with a dog's face on them, you should have been taking a mental note.

2. When they took you shopping for clothes or shoes, found something they liked, and then didn't buy it.

"Gosh, I just don't have the money right now..." is code for "I wish someone else (you) would buy this so I could have it without having to spend my own money."

3. "I lost/broke my (insert object here), and now I have to get a new one."

Phone case. Lanyard. Hat. Jersey. Game controller. Copy of a favorite book.

4. "We should go to (insert restaurant here) soon."

I know that sometimes deciding on a place to get food can be more of a process than it needs to be, but if you think hard, you might realize that hints about where to go for Valentine's Day dinner have been dropped. Other variants of this are "I've been really in the mood for (sushi, Mexican, steak, etc.) lately" and "You know, we haven't been to (restaurant) in a while."

5. "I LOVE (insert food/candy/flowers)!" 

You can't go wrong with giving them something they've literally told you they love.

6. Any time they brought up an event happening in February

A new movie that's premiering, a Broadway show that's playing in a nearby city, their favorite band touring in your hometown, their favorite author's new book release, a new video game that's coming out...those are all fair game.

7. "I'm not really into Valentine's Day."

If they've mentioned that they think the whole day is cheesy, lame, and a scheme for Hallmark to make more money, then maybe you should opt-out of doing anything big to celebrate. Treat it like a normal day, or maybe just do something small like offering to watch their favorite movie with them and having their favorite movie snack ready to go.

And here's me, dropping my own hint: Remember those shirts at that coffee shop? They were SUPER soft.

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