For two weeks now, I have been collecting data about college girls and their preferences about their relationship status this summer. To my surprise, 80 college girls revealed how they would LOVE to spend the summer. There were two options, of course: in a relationship and single as a Pringle. BUT, I wanted to know some valuable and (as some may say, sneaky) information. Are they currently single or in a relationship?

I'm pretty excited to share this TOP SECRET information with you. 7.2% of all my ladies who are currently IN a relationship said that they'd rather be single. *INSERT DRAMATIC AF GASP HERE*

I really hope that one: I don't break some relationships here. OR that you will sit down with your boo thang and address this situation. Because GIRL, you know you are in some DEEP shit here.

Of course, I wouldn't leave y'all asking yourselves why, just WHY, these ladies think this way. I did it for you to ease your brain.

Here is just why they wish they were single.


"[I want to] explore my independence."

"Cause, why not?"

...uh well, baby girl you should have thought about that BEFORE you got yourself all wifed up?

I am just... with this next one:

"Lots of sex."

Well, if you're in a relationship, doesn't that mean you can also get "lots of sex" too?

But I mean, you do you.

"My boyfriend won't be home for the summer."

"Bored of the long distance AND the person."

... girl... TALK TO HIM!

Lastly, my favorite and the one that kind of makes a little more sense to me.

"Not at all to get together with other guys but more to have an open schedule and only have to worry about myself."

Bottom line...

Here's your excuse to send him the "We need to talk" text.

Good freaking luck.

49.4% of all my ladies said YES, they are in a relationship and they are more than content with staying in that said relationship. *INSERT DRAMATIC AWWW HERE*

All the loyal ladies, all the loyal ladies. PUT YOUR HANDS UP! Here's something a little more up to speed with me.

My favorite response was this one:

"I am totally happy with who I am with. The seasons may change, but my love for him will not. *cue dramatic music and sunset in the background* But if I were not in a relationship, I probably would not seek one during the summer. The summer is so different from the rest of the year in terms of schedules and outlook."

YAS GIRL, YAS. This is what I am talking about. I don't think much more needs to be said on this topic.

Bottom line, the weather gets hotter, and so does our love for our babes.

18.1% of my ladies said they are single as a MF Pringle and really wish that they were boo'd up in summer 2018.

And here's why:

"Because I want to live out Grease."

Glad I met someone who's just like me. I can't agree more.

"Summer is a time for new experiences, new places and trying new things, and I think that would great with someone you love by your side."

"I want someone to go to the beach and watch sunsets with. Summer is a time to make memories. Although I make memories with my girlfriends, I want that special someone to treat me like a priority. Someone who goes that extra mile just for me."

Let me tell ya, from experience... it's something that literally can't be compared. The best feeling ever.

And lastly:

"I was off and on with my ex for 4-5 years. I’ve been single officially since June and I just don’t enjoy it. I am such an independent person, but I enjoy that constant attention and that person to build me up."

Last, but certainly not least:

25.3% of all my ladies said that they are SINGLE and *so f*ckin' happy* they are NOT in a relationship this summer. YOU GO GIRLS.

"I love that I can do whatever I want whenever I want. I can go out with my friends without feeling guilty for leaving my boyfriend at home. Or having to worry about texting him and telling him what I'm doing 24/7."

"Independent and don’t need no man."

Hey, whoever you are, you're doing AMAZING, sweetie.

Bottom line, summer is about YOU and no one else.

Enjoy it, no matter what your relationship status is. But seriously, some of you got some explaining to do.