Ho ho ho! As you and your S.O. stay in and warm up by a fire after a flirtatious snowball fight, it'll be time to ride Santa's sleigh! 'Tis the season for peace, joy, and dare I say it, pleasure! Celebrate the spirit of the season with risqué behaviors — treat yourself (and your partner)!

Sex doesn't pause for the holidays! If anything, it's your gift. The holidays are an essential time to bond with your loved ones and intimacy is a necessary, perfect way to connect with a lover.

1. Jingle balls

Do you hear the ringing bells? Maybe that's your man's package ringing for attention! Start the night off with a massage down under.

2. Santa's lap dance

The fire doesn't have to be the only source of heat. Grab your partner, push him on a chair, wrap your legs around, and start dancing! Have your partner sit on a chair as your legs wrap around and he guides your hips with his hands.

3. Mrs. Claws

This move is bound to have you claw at his back and rip at the mattress. Start with your no-frills missionary and quickly spice it up as your knees hit his chest or legs wrap around his shoulders.

4. Reindeer

Get on all fours and unleash your inner animal as he steers you from behind.

5. Ball drop

May your passionate New Year's kiss light a spark that has an "I need to have you right now" kind of vibe; hence, leading to a standing sex position before falling over the bed.

6. On the 69th day of Christmas...

Your true love gave to you **wink wink**

7. Stockings

Stuffing is definitely not the word we want to use, but as you guys spoon, the warm embrace will keep you snug and safe like a stocking.

8. Candy cane

Take a break from licking his candy cane and straddle him as you go for a ride.

9. Elf on a shelf

After baking cookies for Santa, treat yourself! Elves aren't the only ones that get to play, jump on the counter and put your winter cling where he belongs.

10. Vanilla and NUTmeg

After sharing your warm nutmeg, share your smoldering bodies with your vanilla's favorite missionary.

11. Mistletoe kisses

Take those mistletoe kisses up a notch as you both wrap your legs around one another into your lotus pose.

12. Sleigh riding

Here cums Santa Claus! Make sure to steal Santa's reigns, hop on, and hold his legs down as you show him how you ride.

These positions are described for heterosexual couples, but all moves can be altered for all lovebirds.