You know, as a little kid growing up, I regularly heard the term "homewrecker" being used. In songs, movies, interviews, etc. Now that I'm 22 years old, I really want to know who came up with such a silly word and to be completely honest, it should be abolished. Sorry, not sorry.

It's no secret, whether you're or famous or not, that no one is exempt from being abused, cheated on, lied to, and everything else that would cause strain in a relationship/marriage. Specifically, I would like to discuss cheating. There has been a lot of activity in mainstream media lately surrounding infidelity. I've noticed an overwhelming number of individuals who are seriously angry with third parties involved with those who are supposed to be in committed situations. It's quite humorous.

Blaming an outside person for what YOUR mate did, is not being smart, it is not flattering, and it is not proactive.

If anything, you are reinforcing the idea that it is OK for your mate to do such scandalous things because accountability is nonexistent. There is not one person on this planet that can make someone step outside of their marriage or relationship who was not willing to leave. I will say it again, there is not ONE person on this planet who can make someone step outside of their marriage or relationship who was not willing to leave.

However, for those who know someone is in a marriage or committed relationship, they are DEAD wrong and karma is real. There are too many single people out here for you to choose those who already have a relationship with someone. To you, I say seriously re-evaluate your life and get your priorities and morals in order. Now, back to the REAL topic.

I get it, sometimes it is hard to accept that no matter how good some of us are, our mate will STILL betray us. It is a hard pill to swallow.

But, don't waste your time blaming others for what YOUR mate did. Don't distract yourself from the fact that your mate is the real issue, and you may have to separate from them. Don't distract yourself from the fact that in that unfaithful moment, your partner had no respect for you. And it had NOTHING to do with who they committed the act with.

Don't be dumb for anyone, but be smart for yourself.

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