I Still Get Butterflies When I'm With My Boyfriend And That's How It Should Be

I Still Get Butterflies When I'm With My Boyfriend And That's How It Should Be

Yes, we still flirt with each other. No, we will not stop being obsessed with one another.

In today's ways of dating and relationships, people expect the honeymoon stage to be over in three months. That's the time period when couples are so "madly in love," and when nothing else matters except the two of them. That means that they don't hang out with their friends, they don't go anywhere without their boyfriend or girlfriend, and they can't keep their S.O.'s name out of their mouth.

Although there is some truth to this, the honeymoon stage can last longer, and it doesn't always mean that the boyfriend/girlfriend are attached at the hip. Take me and my boyfriend, for example. We've been together seven months, a short time relative to most college relationships, and although we seem to always be together, we live our own lives, go to our respective jobs, and still have our separate homes.

I overheard a girl in class say, "I never want to be in a relationship where it just feels like the same thing every day." I thought about it. It can't be that bad, right? Wake up next to your S.O. every morning, go to work, come home, have dinner, go to bed with your S.O. and repeat, 365 days a year. For some people, that's how it will be for them. Every day will be a copy of the one before it.

For me, however, my relationship is different, and it has been from the very beginning. We still flirt. Yes, I still get bashful when he calls me beautiful or when he pulls me in close at a party to whisper something inappropriate in my ear.

I love to wink at him from across the room and watch him look around, jokingly making sure it's him that I'm eyeing. We act like we're still trying to win each other over, which keeps the relationship youthful and fun.

There's never a moment that I wake up and doubt that my boyfriend loves me. I can just tell by his smile when I roll over and kiss him on the nose, or when I'm walking to the car and he races to my door just to open it for me.

He brings me flowers on random days, and when I ask why, holding back tears because I'm just a sad, corny sap for things like that, he'll say, "I just haven't done it in a while. You deserve them." I'll constantly gush over how handsome he is when he gets dressed up for work, and I'll take plenty of pictures of him in his bowtie like it's his first day of grade school.

At parties, he'll show me off to his friends and say, "this is my girlfriend" with the biggest smile on his face. I know that his love and happiness is all very genuine, and though most people say that relationships are different behind closed doors, ours is not. What you see is what you get, and I've got the best thing out there.

When you find someone that fills your tummy with butterflies when they walk into a room, or makes your heart skip a beat when they say your name, or take your breath away with every kiss, you know you've found the one.

My advice to anyone in a budding relationship is to flirt. Flirt with your boyfriend/girlfriend like it's the very first time. Keep that playfulness and love in the air. Let the honeymoon stage last your entire relationship and then some. Don't let anyone, especially your single friends, tell you that you're too in love, too whipped, or head over heels.

Being in love with someone who loves you right back is the best feeling there is, and I can promise you that there is nothing better than that.

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

16 Fall Dates Your Girlfriend Is Hoping You Have Planned

Take your girl apple picking and she'll love you forever.


The great season that brings us homey days and spooky nights is right around the corner—Who doesn't love fall? Weeks filled with bonfires, football, beautiful colored leaves and the smell of cinnamon apple wherever you go. Fall is definitely the season for love, the temperature drops which makes you want to grab someone for some cuddling under some cozy blankets. Fall is also the perfect time to do some super cute things with your significant other, but us girls don't want to do all the planning.

If you know your girl would be down for some fun stuff this upcoming season and you want to surprise her a little bit with some of your planning skills, I got you covered.

Here are 16 Fall date ideas that your girlfriend already hopes you have planned:

1. Apple picking

Find the nearest apple orchard and grab your girlfriend and go pick some fresh apples. You could even decide to bake a sweet apple pie afterwards!

2. Visiting a corn maze

You can have fun getting lost together in these for hours.

3. Pumpkin picking

Find the perfect pumpkin that matches you. My personal favorite thing to do with pumpkins is by taking their seeds out and baking them!

4. Pumpkin carving

You can pretty much create anything design wise on a pumpkin.

5. Have a scary movie marathon

Staying in a night and watching a ton of scary movies is totally something your girl has in the back of her head. Some of my favs are "Scary Godmother" the "Insidious" and "The Conjuring" series and of course, "Halloween Town."

6. Visit somewhere near with pretty foliage

Taking a trip somewhere where you can really check out the Fall colors really makes you love the season even more.

7. Attend a football game

If your girl is really into sports (like me!), she'll love going to her favorite team's game. Whether it's high school, college or professional football, I'm sure she'd love the crisp air with great atmosphere!

8. Check out a haunted house

If you really want a thrilling date, definitely check out a local haunted house.

9. Have a bonfire or go to one

Bonfires in the Fall months are always the best. It really can't get any better than wearing a nice big sweatshirt, hanging out with your favorite person and roasting marshmallows around a warm fire.

10. Create some autumn themed treats

You can go as easy or tricky as you want with these. From something as simple as caramel apples to something as hard as a bonfire cake, your significant other will love the thought and then you two can enjoy something after all the hard work.

11. Look for couple Halloween costumes

Halloween is all about having fun, so go check out the stores and get some matching costumes.

12. Attend a Halloween party

It could be a nice small family get together Halloween themed party or a huge Halloween themed college party... whatever you or your girl is down for!

13. Visit a local coffee shop

Pretty much every coffee shop around the country brings out some Fall themed flavors. Each of you order something new and seasonal and try them out!

14. Spend time in fuzzy blankets by a fire

Cuddling up together in nice, fuzzy, warm blankets and listening to the crackle of the fire can be so relaxing. Talk about your day or simply take a small nap together while snuggled up.

15. Go to the farmer's market

You can always find so much at the farmer's market. Sunflowers are in season during the early Fall months so you could always surprise your lover with a cute bouquet of them.

16. Have a picnic in the park

Pack some Fall favorites like soup, caramel and apples, pumpkin bread and all those other cozy flavors. Pick your favorite park, dress for the weather and enjoy some good homemade food with your favorite person.

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9 Ways To Lean Into Your Nerdy Side While Still Keeping Things Cute Enough With Your Partner

Nerdy and flirty.


There's nothing like bringing out your nerdy side with your S.O. Unlike the typical dinner date, the pressure is off and you have a chance to let loose and relax. Check out these fun nerdy date ideas for inspiration.

Check out the local arcade

You obviously can't go wrong with an arcade date. Video games, junk food, and the chance to show off your gaming skills! Nothing like a little friendly competition between you and your S.O.

Sing nerdy karaoke

Karaoke. But not just any type of karaoke, nerdy karaoke. Find a bar that appeals to the nerdy crowd. Get up, get out, and sing your heart out.

Nerd out at your local comic book shop

Spend the day getting lost in the newest issue of your favorite comic book. Bonus points if you both show up dressed as superheroes.

Act like a child at the theme parks

Running around the theme park like a 5-year-old is a great way to bring out your nerdy side with your S.O.! Bonus points if you take pictures with the people dressed up as characters.

Meet fellow nerds at the next convention

Grab tickets and head over to the next nerdy convention with your S.O.! It's a fun way to dress up and meet other people.

Relive your childhood at the playground

Do you remember playing in the playground when you were a little kid? Take a picnic lunch and head over to your nearest park. The perfect way to bring out your playful side with your S.O.

Stay in and play games

Video games or board games? The possibilities are endless. Bonus points if you wear onesie pajamas, just 'cause.

Hold a movie marathon weekend

Watch movies as you dress up as your favorite characters and make themed foods/drinks.

Spend the entire day napping

Take a break from the world and catch up on your beauty sleep. All the cuddles.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy embracing your nerdy side with your S.O.

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