"Just go home with them tonight and ignore them tomorrow." This saying occurs more than often within our culture.

From the late-night hookups, to "dating apps," to "sliding into their DM's" all of these instances are short- term solutions for long-term desires.

But are these so-called "solutions" damaging our own person or our culture's view on real love and healthy relationships?

Specifically, within the high school and college scene, kids are obsessed with being obsessed but not being in love. The games that are played surrounding the hook-up culture leads to a generation where loyalty is just a word, love is just a quote, and deceiving one another is the new norm.

These words aren't just words in the dictionary, they all are a basis to human relations. What? Relationships? No, we just want to feel good and have someone to sleep with who we met last night at a party.

In my opinion, the intended meaning of love and sex is extremely skewed in today's society.

From a male's perspective, being nice and asking someone on a date to get to know them is considered weak. But asking them to come over at 1 a.m. to "hangout" will receive a high-five from all of their buddies.

From a woman's standpoint, expressing feelings towards a crush is considered being too sensitive and just over-emotional. But playing hard-to-get, waiting to respond to a text, and trying to make them jealous is the way to get them to take you home.

All of these manipulative tactics to hook up with someone is an everyday occurrence. However, at the end of the day, these methods are only making each individual unhappy, lonely, and miss the real meaning of love.

Our society has labeled casual hookups as fun and thrilling, but we don't place attention on the fact that it can cause an emotional roller-coaster later in life. These actions teach that when you're young, our deep longings don't need to be considered, our actions don't have consequences, and commitment is an old-fashioned word…" just have fun."

In reality, it can affect your future relationships. At the moment, casually hooking up without having any strings attached makes you feel good, but once it's over, we don't think about the repercussions of how it can affect your view of yourself.

True love and intimacy cannot happen over one-night stands or without vulnerable feelings.

The hookup culture may be hard to fix because people believe that they are not able to put their real emotions or heart into relationships especially after experiencing the hook-up culture. It's too scary and enables them to believe that they can't survive in a long-lasting relationship.

This wasn't written to make you feel bad about your past hookups or future ones but to have our culture realize and to expose us to the reality of it.

So before you send that late night text, get in bed with a stranger, or begin a deadly game perhaps think about your worth instead of the price tag on your panties.

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