It was the day before I planned on moving back for my sophomore year of college. As I sat on my best friend's bed flipping through wedding magazines designing our dream wedding, we joked about how crazy it would be if I got engaged sometime before I turned 20 in November. We had talked about where I thought it would be — maybe under the tree where he asked me to be his girlfriend? Either way, I knew it was going to be thoughtful and romantic like him.

My friend and I had shared our goodbyes, and I left with wedding magazines in hand, daydreaming uncontrollably of the potential future. That night I was so eager thinking about how my boy and I had already talked about marriage before, and I had always joked with my friends and family about how I had this feeling about this boy.

Ever heard of speaking things into existence?

My parents and I had survived the three-hour drive from San Antonio to College Station, trucks full of clothes and essentials for the school year. My mom had asked me to wear something nice, which caught me off guard but I shook it off. She was also dressed up on a day allegedly dedicated to moving. I didn't start to catch onto something until my mom cryptically told me to come toward her then proceeded to blindfold me.

I kept asking myself "Is this really about to happen? Am I about to get engaged? There's no freaking way."

Even though I knew where we were headed, the anticipation was killing me. There I was, blindfolded, holding onto my parents' arms and walking like a baby deer. After what seemed like forever, we finally stopped. I could hear the rushing water by what I knew was our tree. The silence was deafening to me, and I couldn't wait to see what lay ahead. As I slowly and eagerly peeled off the blindfold, it revealed my lovely now-fiance on one knee, under our tree, surrounded by balloons and a vase of gorgeous roses.

Amongst the roses was a sparkly gorgeous ring atop a white rose. All I remember is saying "Hi, oh my God" like 50 times, and "Yes" before he could even finish, followed by tears, obviously. Both our families were there cheering us on with teary eyes. I later found out he had called my parents the night before under the radar asking for my hand in marriage which shocked me, as observant as I usually am.

All of our memories since day one came flooding to me. Every laugh, adventure, and beautiful moment was on a loop. We had already known we were made for each other from early on — it didn't take long to realize we are literally the same person. Every girl wants to say they found the man of their dreams, something I can say I sure did. He's perfect in every way, and that's no exaggeration. He is so loving, so smart, hardworking, brave, respectful, attentive, and funny. He hits every single mark and amazes me every single day more and more.

He is the type of boy I only thought was in movies. He brings out a happiness in me I didn't know existed.

If you would have told me a year ago that right now I would be engaged, I honestly wouldn't believe you. I never expected to be the one to start my life so early, but when I think about it, why wait to start your life, especially with your best friend by your side? I would not change a thing! I've known he's the one for me. He respects me, encourages me, has great communication skills, an amazing sense of humor, fits in with my family, and the list goes on!

Ever since that beautiful day on August 18, I haven't stopped daydreaming about our wedding in May. I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for me and continues to do for our relationship, and hopefully, this will do justice. I thank God every day for giving me the man of my dreams and more. I cannot wait to spend forever with him and grow together.

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