I could go on and on about the reasons I knew my boyfriend was the one, but they pale in comparison to this one reason.

To put this into context, relationships aren't always pretty. On top of that, I can be a little dramatic at times. With all that being said, the reason I knew my boyfriend was the one is simply that he knows how to deal with me.

I'll be honest, I'm a stereotypical girl. I randomly get moody, and sometimes it's not as random because code red is coming. My boyfriend gets a front-row seat to this moodiness.

When he can start feeling the attitude change through text messages he calls me out right away. If I don't particularly change my attitude right away, he may start to get moody as well. It doesn't last too long because we realize that we love each other and expressing anything but love towards one another is pointless. If this moodiness occurs while in person, he usually will make me laugh somehow, which totally cuts my dramatic performance short.

I am a very anxious person at times. If I don't have anything to be anxious about at the moment, I will be anxious about something that's not going to happen for another 5 to 10 years.

I will express these anxieties to my boyfriend by, you guessed it, being dramatic. Just like with everything else I do, he knows how to deal with it. He knows exactly what to say to calm me down. Not everybody understands how big of a deal that is, but it's a big deal.

Sometimes people tend to just walk out of situations like that, but if they choose to stay it really means something.

Sometimes he really doesn't know why I'm having an episode, sometimes I don't even know. It's just the fact that he is willing to wait for me to calm down that's really amazing. He doesn't just give up on me. A lot of girls struggle with anxiety, jealousy, and trust issues. The good news is there is someone for everyone. If you're someone who worries about messing up a relationship because of all these traits you have, don't worry.

One day someone is going to love you through all your ups and downs, take my word for it. Your imperfections won't matter anymore.

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