Whether you're in a long relationship or a budding one, shopping for your S.O can be one of the most stressful parts of this season. While there is no exact price of what you should spend on your partner, there are general rules you can follow to find out how much to spend according to how long you've been dating.

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0 to 3 months: Small and Thoughtful

When you first start dating and are under the three month mark can be the most frustrating time to by a gift. You don't want to be too much, but you want to make them feel special. Don't feel pressured to get something super extravagant and expensive. Instead, maybe spend more energy trying to find something thoughtful that will show how much you care. Maybe it corresponds to something they love—so if they're really into a particular kind of food or restaurant, maybe think about a cookbook with those specific recipes. Or maybe it relates to an inside joke between you two. As a spending rule of thumb, think about what you would spend on a friend. Make it thoughtful and sweet, because, this is also the time you both will be reading into the meaning of the gift.

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3 to 12 months: Date Night Prices.

During this stage, you're getting more comfortable with your S.O, probably spending a lot of time with them. You may want to consider spending what you would spend on a date night, a little more than what you might get a friend. It can still be thoughtful, but should be slightly more of an investment than you might make 0-3 month mark.

1 year +: Special and Valuable.

According to the Huffington Post, every year of a relationship, the amount spent on each other for gifts goes up by an average of $21. In some cases, this is more. You might want to think of getting valuable gifts for your S.O after the 1 year mark. This doesn't necessarily mean that the items themselves have to be valuable. These items can be of value to them specifically (a limited edition version of a book or vinyl they love) or can be valuable experiences you both can cherish, like concert tickets or a weekend getaway.

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