It's Okay To Pull An 'Ariana And Pete' And Fall Madly In Love In Under A Month

It's Okay To Pull An 'Ariana And Pete' And Fall Madly In Love In Under A Month

Love is about trust and if you enter, afraid to fall and build wall after wall, it just closes you off to the possibilities.


So if you've been living under a rock let me catch you up on some of the biggest celebrity news of the summer—Ariana Grande splitting with her rapper boyfriend, Mac Miller and starting a new relationship with comedian Pete Davidson just days later.

Within a short amount of time (the timespan of a month or two give or take) they've become engaged and have gotten matching tattoos. Now, a lot of people are speculating that the two are moving too fast and that their relationship will fizzle out in disaster. But hold up...

First off, it's their relationship and it's not yours so mind your own business.

Secondly, and most importantly, it's really okay to fall head over heels in love with someone in a short period of time.

Grande had reportedly been in an abusive relationship with her previous boyfriend and is now assumedly much much happier with her new beau and that's AMAZING. The feeling of finally finding a good man after the end of a bad relationship is so satisfying and so hard to describe until it really happens to you.

To find someone who is so compatible to you and so supportive and loving to you is the best feeling after never having it. To have someone who reminds you of how beautiful you are and is so accepting of you, it's almost like a drug that you never want to give up. It's just too good!

If the relationship is healthy and loving, why not want to pursue things further? If you feel like you know that person and want to jump on the journey of marriage with them, why not? It's only natural to want to be with the person who treats you the best for the rest of your life. To be able to work things out and keep the feeling strong, why not stay together?

Now, I'm not saying I'm for or against jumping right into marriage with every couple but in the end, it's really up to the couple. I mean I'm not a celebrity and I'm only 20-years-old, but let me say that the feeling of finding someone who you feel completes you, is the best feeling and I'm really happy for people who find that because it just feels so rare until it really happens.

I've only had it happen to me once this far in my life and it has honestly changed my viewpoints on relationships.
I never had a man care about me the way this man did and I never had my heart feel so full. I'm not psychic so I can't tell you if he felt the same way, but I know I was head over heels and I still am.

I feel like a lot of people really mistake fake love for real love until it's over and they see just how unfitting the relationship was. The flaws and mistakes really start to come out after the end of a relationship. It was a learning experience but it wasn't the best match in the end. But, it's okay because the more you love and be loved, the more experience you will have.

It's totally normal to throw yourself into a relationship within the first few months, but there is a line (a reference to another one of my articles). From what I've seen, Ariana and Pete are just on the journey of love and that's totally fine.

Love is about trust and if you enter, afraid to fall and build wall after wall, it just closes you off to the possibilities. Of course, you're going to get your heart broken in dating but taking the plunge and finding someone at the end of the day is worth it.

A quote from One Tree Hill to sit with you: "Yes, losing your heart's desire is tragic. But gaining your heart's desire? That's all you can hope for. This year I wished for love... to immerse myself in someone else and to wake a heart long afraid to feel. My wish was granted. And if having that is tragic, then give me that tragedy. Because I wouldn't give it back for the world"

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

The 7 heart-palpitating Stages Of ‘Oh My Gosh, My Best Friend Is Getting Married’

As Usher says, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh my gosh"


You know those times in your life when it seems like everyone is getting engaged? And you watch as friends from high school, friends from college, people you only kinda know commit to their significant others, knowing that someday soon one of your bff's will be one of those engaged people?

Well, my someday soon is here, and one of my best friends is getting married. I've found there are seven stages of what I call the "oh my gosh, my best friend is getting married" feeling. Kind of like the seven stages of grief, but so much happier.

So, while I'm currently residing somewhere between stages three and four, I am looking forward to experiencing the rest of the stages. After all, I still have a year until the wedding, so there is still plenty of time for the rest.

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Makena Kleppin

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