After counting down the days until the release of "YOU" season 2 on Netflix for what feels like FOREVER now, it's finally here.

Just as I'd predicted, as soon as I turned it on to start binge-watching, I was hooked.

For anyone who hasn't watched yet (or hasn't seen the trailer), in this second season, Joe takes on a new identity in Los Angeles to start fresh. His new name is Will Bettelheim... and as you can imagine, the action starts the moment episode 1 begins.

Naturally, with every passing episode, I found myself — a grade A worrier — pointing out each of the MANY serious red flags Love (AKA this season's Beck) is ignoring from the very beginning.

Here are 9 things "YOU" should learn from Will about who NOT to date in real life:

1. If he doesn't have any social media, proceed with caution.


2. If you don't know him well, consider NOT going to his apartment — especially uninvited.

3. Also, if you don't know him well, avoid telling him where you live.

4. If he cheekily tells you he's following you, believe him.


5. If he yells at you, listen to your gut and NOT him.

6. If he lies about why he's cancelling plans, don't brush it off as "normal."

7. If you tell him about your ex and he doesn't tell you about his and just says he has "loved and lost," ask questions.


8. If he tries to take you away from your family and friends, it has to be a no.

9. If he changes his identity, don't believe his sketchy story about running away from someone else who was "crazy."

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