How To Be A Better Kisser

How To Be A Better Kisser

Your guide to lip-locking like a pro


One of the biggest mistakes that young people make in their dating lives is believing that kissing is a one-way ticket to full-blown sex.

On the contrary, kissing is one of the most passionate and intimate acts that you and your partner could engage in. It shouldn't just be a prelude to hurry through so you can get to the main event. Kissing itself should be treated as the physical art form it truly is. And if you're looking to brush up on your lip-locking skills, see the guide below to transform your technique from mediocre to mind-blowing.

Here's how to be a better kisser:

1. Know your partner's preferences

If you're familiar with the person you're kissing, then you should also be familiar with how they like to be kissed. Are there particular moves that you know drive them wild? Definitely experiment the next time you're alone together and get to know how their bodies react to different sensations. Also, rather than fall into a boring routine, play with who gets the dominant role and who gets the submissive role. Or if you're feeling frisky, even battle for that "alpha position."

2. Be mindful of where you are

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How you lock lips should not only match your partner's preferences, but should also depend on where you are and who you're with. There's a time and place for everything, so take in the mood of your surroundings—are you dancing in the middle of a crowded club, or are you having a quiet cup of coffee in a café? Save the waist-grabbing, lip-biting moves for a busier environment where you and your partner will feel less like a focal point. When your company and location is subdued, play it safe with a gentle caress of their lips as you rest your hand on their cheek. Your lover—and the people around you—will thank you.

3. Keep the tongue to a minimum

Orange Is The New Black

Chances are, your partner isn't looking to be licked in the mouth by the human equivalent of a Golden Retriever. So when you want to use your tongue, introduce it gradually as you kiss. You're stronger than you think—be careful not to drill your tongue down your partner's throat. Keep it soft and only slightly wet. Run just the tip of your tongue over your partner's bottom lip, or rub your tongue lightly against theirs if you're looking for a little more passion.

4. Tease, but not too much

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Most everybody loves to be teased a little bit during a sexual encounter. It's a great builder of tension and keeps your partner eager to experience what's to come. But there comes a point where being too tentative and being too light just becomes a buzzkill that neither of you will enjoy. As a general rule, when it comes to kissing, it's all about keeping everything in moderation. So leaning in for a sensual kiss only pull back and letting your hand linger over their waistband while never actually touching them is only cute and playful for a while.

5. Use your eyes

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Most of the time, we tend to kiss with our eyes shut, but why not ignite the spark between you and your lover with a little bit of pre-kiss eye contact? The eyes are the windows to the soul, and using your eyes to convey your emotions can be even sexier than using your voice. So right before your lips touch, gaze deeply into your partner's eyes, stroking their cheek with your fingertips or tucking their hair behind their ear. Then close your eyes and let the rest of your senses take over, which will be more heightened in the absence of sight and leave you feeling breathless.

6. Change up your position

Don't just stand still like a statue as you and your partner lock lips. Add some variety to your romance and consider how positioning yourselves differently could enhance how good the kissing feels. Try pinning your lover to the wall with their wrists above their head for a more dominant approach. Or lie them down gently on the couch or on your bed and move your body in rhythm against theirs. Lift them up on the kitchen counter or on the bathroom sink and have them wrap their legs around your waist. And with all of this, don't forget that clothing isn't always necessary…

7. Add a little sharpness

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Lip-biting is seriously too hot to resist. You will have your partner buckling at the knees with just a little tug on their bottom lip in the middle of a kiss. Pull as hard as they appear to enjoy it, but not too hard! While enthusiasm is key to experiencing great romantic chemistry, nobody wants to come away from a kiss with a bloody lip. So have at it, but keep in mind that promoting pleasure—not pain (unless they're into it)—is your goal.

8. Kiss beyond the lips

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Most people would much rather have their partner's lips stray from theirs to trail along different parts of their body than be kissed only on the lips. So once you're both good and in the mood, let your lips roam from their face to their ears, down their neck, or across their collarbones. Kiss down their spine as you give them a sensual massage. Tickle that area of skin between their belly button and their waistband with light, feathery kisses. Be as innocent or as naughty as the moment calls for.

Honestly, who wouldn't want to be better at kissing? It seriously feels amazing and, with the right person, it can be more sensual and intimate than you ever thought possible.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

How to Explore Your Sexuality Safely and Without Strings Attached

Is it bi-curiousity or is it something more?


When you're young and in college, you're searching for ways to express and discover yourself—and often do so through other people. You might have even had some thoughts or fantasies that led you to believe that you might be LGBTQ+. While you're in the perfect setting for sexual exploration, you should take the opportunity to be curious and let yourself dabble in some same-sex shenanigans.

It's easier said than done, though, because not everyone is quite so sure where they should start. If you find yourself unsure of how to experiment with your sexuality in college, try to keep these in mind:

1. Stock up on necessary protection

No matter who you're hooking up with, protection will never be any less important. Consider using a female condom or a dental dam if you're hooking up with a girl. If you're getting with a guy, always use a condom and even think about bringing lubricant with you in case you have penetrative anal sex.

On that note, it's a common misconception that men who have sex with men are inherently dirty and diseased. Their sexual practices can be really risky, though (like anyone's), if they don't use condoms or aren't careful about how they have anal sex. You're also mistaken if you think that sex between two women doesn't carry any STD risks. While you are less likely to contract chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HIV through lesbian sex, women are still capable of transmitting nasty infections like HPV, herpes, and pubic lice. So regardless of what's in your partner's pants, it's critical that you're guarding yourself against STDs and other unwanted surprises.

SEE ALSO: 8 Excuses To Use To Get Out Of Wearing A Condom

2. Educate yourself on same-sex relationships and sexuality in general

How can you expect to explore your sexuality if you hardly have a grasp on how same-sex relationships work? Like with any other unfamiliar topics, do some research before you dive into a world you barely know. You can even ask your LGBTQ+ friends for some information and they'll happily give you some pointers about same-sex love and even the sex itself. If you'd rather keep your questions to yourself, simple Google searches like "what is it like to kiss a girl/boy" and "how do gay men/lesbians have sex" will suffice.

3. Be honest with yourself about what YOU want

What are you looking to take away from your same-sex experience? Are you looking for a little bit of drunken fun with one of your gal pals? Are you genuinely questioning your sexual orientation and want to put your feelings to the test? Whatever your reason is for sexual exploration, remember that you are always in control of how you act upon the thoughts you've been having. Whether or not you choose to experiment is solely your decision and no one has the authority to pressure you one way or the other. You need to be honest with yourself about your intentions before you can even consider moving forward.

4. Visit your campus's LGBTQ+ center for some advice

Almost every college and university has an on-campus LGBTQ+ center that's fully equipped to answer any questions you may have on the subjects of gender and sexuality. The staff members are likely LGBTQ+ individuals themselves, so they can offer you personal words of wisdom on how to gently go about questioning and experimenting. And who knows, you might even meet someone there who's willing to help you along, if you catch my drift…

5. Be picky about who you choose to experiment with

Life isn't exactly like a John Green novel. You probably won't find the perfect hookup as soon as you go looking for them. Go with your gut and don't be afraid to hold your potential hookup to your dating standards. You might not want to go out with them, per se, but if you're planning on being physically intimate with them, it's in your best interest to find someone you can trust to be kind and understanding of your situation. Whether your ideal partner is someone you bumped into at a party or your best friend, ensure that they respect your boundaries and are open to being your "guinea pig."

6. Tread carefully if you're thinking about hooking up with a friend

A friend might seem like the best option for a no-strings-attached hookup, but complicating the emotional relationship you already have with physical intimacy might spell out disaster in the future. Even though you know and trust this person with the connection you already have, you're moving on to completely unchartered territory when you decide to make out or have sex with them. Unrequited crushes and awkwardness may very well ensue when you least expected them to. There's no telling how either of you will react to the encounter after it's over, so you have to be prepared for the worst.

If you're that certain that your friendship will be unharmed, though, then by all means, go for it.

7. Always go into a hookup with a clear, (mostly) sober mind

It's okay and perfectly understandable if you need some liquid courage to jumpstart your self-exploration. At first glance, experimenting with your sexuality can seem like a daunting task, so approaching it in a buzzed state might be a good way to keep yourself moving. However, with drinking to calm your nerves, moderation is key. It's important that you're not so drunk that you become vulnerable to unwanted advances from the people around you. Being too drunk to control yourself is never the answer to any problem, no matter how intimidating it seems. If you plan on drinking to psych yourself up for a same-sex hookup, make sure you limit your intake and surround yourself with trusted friends who can keep an eye on you.

Also, it's best that you don't use same-sex exploration as a coping mechanism for a bad breakup. Don't save the decision to hook up with a random person for the heat of the moment. Make sure you've given the idea plenty of thought and that you don't use your emotions as an excuse to act out sexually.

8. Be honest with your partner about your intentions

Before you set someone up as your homosexual "test drive," make sure that they are fully aware of what's happening and why it's happening. Your partner deserves to know that your connection is strictly physical and that it was initiated in your quest to explore your sexuality. Clarifying the nature of your relationship from the start prevents either of you from reading too far into your interactions, sparing you both from hurt feelings later on.

Also, keep in mind that not every LGBTQ+ individual is open to bi-curious hookups. Your desired partner might be looking for a relationship with somebody who is more sure of their identity, and that's okay! There will definitely be another person down the road who's willing to guide you through your experimenting. Finding the ideal partner may take some time, but the search will be well worth it when you finally meet someone who satisfies all of your expectations.

9. Pace yourself and only go further if you're 100% comfortable

Regardless of your and your partner's sexuality or gender, consent is ALWAYS mandatory. BOTH of you must be consenting to what's happening at all times with the utmost enthusiasm for it to be a consensual encounter. As you explore your sexuality, know that you can revoke your consent at ANY TIME without having to make any excuses. Should you lose interest or start to feel anxious, you have every right to stop and remove yourself from the situation. Just because your partner is also a girl or is also a guy doesn't mean they are entitled to your body any more than a partner of the opposite sex is.

Don't feel ashamed for giving up on a same-sex hookup because you got too self-conscious or even felt afraid. You can experiment in small doses and go as slowly as you need to so you can maximize your comfort.

10. Don't be afraid to admit that experimenting isn't for you

So you kissed a girl and you didn't like it. Or you got with another guy and didn't feel any sort of spark when he touched you. It's okay for you to acknowledge that your same-sex encounter didn't ignite a major transformation in how you see yourself. It could have been that you didn't vibe with your partner or that you just don't vibe with the same sex altogether. Only you can determine why it didn't work for you. Don't assume that you MUST be heterosexual if your hookup didn't leave you feeling any different. Likewise, don't assume you must be gay if your hookup DID affect you physically and emotionally.

11. Don't let anyone label you— not even yourself

Labels do not determine your self-worth, nor do they get to dictate how you "should" behave and feel. Just because you had a homosexual encounter doesn't mean you're automatically gay, lesbian, bisexual, or anything else. Sometimes, a kiss is just a kiss, sex is just sex, and a crush is just fleeting and not deserving of a full-on identity crisis. You can apply a label to yourself if you feel it fits, but don't force yourself into a rigid mindset that doesn't work for you. Only use a specific label if you are 100% comfortable with what it entails. And if you're still confused about who you are, give yourself time to sort it out. In terms of your sexual orientation (and gender identity, for that matter), when you know, you know.

12. Let your feelings go wherever they're meant to

So what you anticipated to be a one-night stand seems to evolved over time into a romantic crush that you can't stop thinking about. Your first instinct might be to panic because "this wasn't supposed to happen," but honestly, how can you be so sure of that? If you are meant to develop feelings for someone of the same sex, then so be it! Clearly you are attracted to this person in more ways than one and clearly they have the potential to make you happier, so why not go for it? You deserve endless love and adventures with your special person, whomever they turn out to be. Let your heart guide you in the right direction and it will all work out in the way it's destined to.

Whether you're gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, or whatever else, you are every bit as valid as anyone else and you are entitled to love and happiness however you come by it. Experimenting may be a defining experience for you or it might not turn up any revelations at all, and it's okay either way. At least you know you put yourself out there and were brave enough to challenge conventional society and explore your sexuality.

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I know what you're thinking right now as you read this. You're probably thinking one of two things. Either (1) you don't care about making any sexual resolutions as long as you're not having bad sex or (2) your sexual resolutions may be too ambitious. Well due to the fact that only 8% of people successfully fulfill their New Year's resolutions, I don't blame you for thinking it's unobtainable. However, maybe you should try a different angle.

Make sure your sexual New Year's resolutions that are tailored toward your personality. Based on psychological research conducted by Paul Costa and Robert R. Mcrae, there are ultimately five primary personality traits that can be used in order to sum up people on a general basis. The five factors are openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. If you're wondering which trait broadly describes your personality the most then take this quiz! The results will also show you what New Year's resolutions you should make for your sex life in 2019 based on your personality so that your sexual needs will match up with your personal needs as well.

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