Being in your early 20s is a constant wondering if you are doing OK, and then going to take some shots with your friends at a local bar.

It’s a time in your life where you really have to figure out what the hell you actually want to do in the future, but try to make the most of living in the present as well.

Half of your friends are already married with children, while the other half is nowhere near and downloading the Tinder app for the 15th time now. Facebook has become a happy balance between engagement and pregnancy announcement posts, but also lovely pictures of people being drunk hot messes.

So, then you get to thinking, “What should I be doing?”

There really isn’t one certain answer because there is so much that you could be doing, but you won’t know if it’s what you SHOULD be doing, no one does.

Do whatever you feel is right, and make mistakes on the way. Make SO MANY mistakes. This will benefit you in the long run actually. It is rare for someone to hop on the right path the first time and just automatically know what they are doing.

Don’t take everything to heart. If you fail at something, that’s good, now you know how to better yourself for next time.

Cut out all toxic people, because they will not lead you anywhere and only bring you more confusion and negativity that you just don’t need in this already complicated phase of life. Get rid of that “friend” that seems like they care, but secretly wants to see you fail. There should only be uplifting, supporting relationships in your life, especially right now.

As I mentioned before, the future is on your mind more than ever right now but I’ve learned that’s not something that should occupy 99 percent of your time. Live now and stop fretting about what is going to happen or possibly could happen.

Start off the wonderful 20s with nothing but love for life, and put away that unwanted anxiety.

Once you realize that literally no one actually knows what they are doing, you will feel better and thrive instead of worrying about what to put on your resumé.