50 College Students Admit They've Actually Thought About Making A Sex Tape

Raging hormones. Hooking up at high school parties. Having sex in grimy motels. Sending nudes through Snapchat. And, now, filming risqué sexual acts for pleasure: sex tapes.

Kim Kardashian. Zoe Saldana. John Mayer. Paris Hilton. Mariah Carey. Farrah Abraham. Chrissy Teigen. Charlie Sheen. Pamela Anderson. Jennifer Lopez. Katie Price. Colin Farrell. Miranda Kerr. Gwyneth Paltrow. Scott Disick. Lindsay Lohan. Amber Rose. Kanye West. Rihanna. Spencer Matthews. Amy Schumer. Cameron Diaz. Calum Best.

The list goes on and on as celebrities of all ages have admitted to a past sex tape or even have had their intimate recordings released.

"Find a celebrity and get famous... the Kardashians made a living out of it." – Female, 21

Not all films have to make their way to PornHub, are professionally produced, or are more than just audio. It's important to realize that sex tapes are any sexual act or behavior that is recorded.

Yes, any naughty, kinky, fun deed.

Some sex tapes are full-blown films while others are just private clips of a sensual blow job, love moans, or shots of different angles: "Nothing special, just record some POV" – Unknown gender, 20

But! This past year, a girl from my high school had her sex tape released from a revengeful ex-boyfriend. I don't know all the details, but I'll say this: it was an explicit video. This goes to show that, yes, by all means, enjoy the thrill, but be careful, know your partner, discuss the rules, and, most importantly, ensure that all parties have given their consent.

If you and your boyfriend, friends with benefits, "thing" breakup, stand up for yourself and delete those videos!

"It's a modern intimacy" – Male, Unknown age

Everyone has their own opinion on sex tapes! It's a personal choice and there is nothing wrong with it. "It's a fun way to spice things up. Your body, your choice!" – Female, 21

There is nothing wrong with nudes. Nothing wrong with having sex: oral, vaginal, anal. Nothing wrong with exploring sexuality. Nothing wrong with BDSM. Nothing wrong with kinks. Nothing wrong with anyone's private decisions.

ere's how 50 college students weighed in:

Dirty thoughts

A bunch of college students consider sex, porn, and making a sex tape. Some have even made a few in the past and yearn to make more sexy clips!

"Yes. The idea came up once when my boyfriend saw me in a sexy cop outfit and he said 'Hmmm. Let's make a movie with you in that outfit.'" – Unknown gender, 23

"I have considered it, but never actually done it." – Unknown gender, 19

"Yeah definitely, but only for myself/partner. Not to be posted online." – Unknown gender, 20

"I've made some with my boyfriend and it was fun and I still look at them when I'm by myself ;) I love it." – Unknown gender, 19

"I thought about it for a hot second with my boyfriend. Didn't mention it to him but I realized I wouldn't be comfortable and I would over analyze everything." – Female, 23

"In my head I know I would love to have one, but I'm not too sure how I would feel in the moment that I actually have to perform... step one: A Hotel room (or something nice besides me or my partner's bedroom)... step two: groom accordingly. Personally, I like a clean wax, but some people like hair down there... step three: definitely jazz it up with some fancy lingerie to make it more interesting... step four: good lighting... step five: just do it like nobody's watching :)" – Female, 19

"I want to make more lol." – Female, 20

"I think people like to see what they or their partner look like when they're having sex. It's something to remember the experience and look back at it later." – Female, 20

"It's going straight to the hub dawg, Ima be famous." – Unknown gender, 21

"My advice would be that people shouldn't have to feel like they have to have porn star sex in the sex tape, showing off ridiculous angles and being over the top with the moaning and dirty talk. The more natural it looks, the better off it'll appear." – Unknown gender, 23

"Get a selfie stick and get to humpin'." – Male, 23

"We could probably watch together or alone after." – Female, 20

"Yes, with a friends with benefits. Mainly just for the thrill of it." – Male, 20

"Partly to get famous and partly because it's an exhilarating thing to do at the moment." – Unknown gender, 23

"I have no plans to but I probably will someday when I'm drunk." – Female, Unknown age


Everyone has their own, unique sexual needs. No judgment here!

"I'm too scared to make a full video but I have recorded audio of me slurping on my partners' toes. I uploaded it online for others to listen to and sometimes I listen to it to get in the mood. I think it's really hot because it feels adventurous." – Male, 18

"Yeah and I might open a premium Snapchat or something I really need $" – Female, 20

"Only if Kentucky Fried Chicken is involved. I'll leave it at that." – Unknown gender, 21

"I would only want to make a sex tape with a group of 8/10s or higher. Engaging and filming a bukaki scene would fill me with pleasure and joy... I would want to be in the middle as attractive men surround me in a circle and came all at once. Only then would I obtain ultimate pleasure." – Female, Unknown age

"Because they're fun and sexy. It can be a thrill to know someone else could stumble upon it, or to post them online and know people are getting off to you. Or it can just be a fun way to make porn for you and your partner(s)." – Female, 21

"I love them. I don't watch celebrity sex tapes, but I pay for personalized videos that satisfy my niche kinks, like my intense foot fetish." – Male, 18

"No, because 'I DoNT WaNt tO Be CoVeREd iN mAsHEd PotAtOEs and GrAVy.'"– Unknown gender, 21

The heat has been turned all the way up

Seductive. Passion. Fire. Erotic.

"I think that people think it's kinky and something new to do in the bedroom. It adds excitement to the relationship so it's not the same old sex situation every day." – Unknown gender, 18

"Just know that hearing a recording of your voice can feel awkward, seeing yourself have sex can feel awkward too, at first. But once you kind of get over that initial shock, you'll realize that it's actually really fun to record videos and watch them back. You can be your own porn." – Female, 21

"I just had normal sex with my boyfriend in front of my phone recording. Sometimes if you want something a little kinkier than prepare for that before but I think it's better to just do what comes natural and what you'll enjoy watching." – Unknown gender, 19

"Heck yeah! My girl is bad! And when an archeologist from 3019 finds my phone they deserve to see how bad she is." – Male, 23

No. Words.

"Yes, I like rewatching it to see what I do and like recording videos of guys pleasing me for my own pleasure later." – Female, 19

"Have sent snap videos but that's it no 'porno.'" – Female, Unknown age

"I made a sex tape with my ex-boyfriend. We did it just for ourselves to watch and keep private. We thought it would be fun to watch ourselves back and to also perform for a camera. It was fun but my expectations were kind of let down, it was kind of anticlimactic. Also, my ex and I didn't end on bad terms or anything but it bothers me to know he could still have the video saved, don't feel great about that now that we're not together." – Female, 19

"I like them. Most porn is too scripted, so it's 'refreshing' to see more raw/unscripted videos." – Unknown gender, 20

"My boyfriend and I have recorded us doing stuff together especially when we were long distance so we could relive it when we were apart. It helped us get over the distance. We now live together so we don't think to do it anymore." – Female, 20

"I think making a sex tape is a very personal choice. I have made a sex tape for me and my boyfriend's eyes only. I don't see any problem with making a sex tape to either introduce a little bit more fun or just to look back on." – Unknown gender, 19

"With my ex-boyfriend because we thought it would be fun. When we broke up we both promised not to share it and I don't think either of us has. Definitely something I would do again, it makes you try to be the best you can for the camera, it was really hot." – Female, 20

"I've made a few of them with my boyfriend. We didn't really plan much beforehand so it was completely in the moment. Because we're long distance, it helps us feel connected and we can use the videos to please ourselves while thinking of each other." – Unknown gender, 23

Hell to the no

If you don't want to, you don't have to. No pressure.

"And the thought of it accidentally getting out is enough to keep me from ever making one, even if it is just for myself." – Unknown gender, 18

"No, I'm too camera shy." – Female, 20

"No – I believe those things are meant to be private. Making such a private occasion public usually welcomes unwanted drama and attention. Especially when it comes to those of us who are in a serious relationship." – Female, 20

"No. I know what happened and it's no one else's business." – Female, 31

"It's a sin." – Unknown gender, 22

"I thought about it but it just seems too scary plus I'm very self-conscious about my body so I feel like it would make me upset watching it." – Female, 19

Send nudes

Send a picture that will disappear in a few seconds? That screams nudes to me!

"Nudes make the world go round." – Unknown gender, 18

"Who hasn't sent them nowadays?" – Female, 21

"Love them, the human body is nothing to be ashamed of. Whether it's a painting or a photograph it's a form of art." – Female, 19

"Sure. I actually lost some of them when I switched to a different phone." – Female, 21

"They're always a nice surprise, but I'd rather see their feet in person." – Male, 18

"I've never received a nude nor sent one. I am a child of Christ." – Unknown gender, 21

"100% for nudes! I always loved taking nudes and sending them to my boyfriend who I trusted. Made me feel really good about myself." – Female, 21

"Being in a long distance relationship, nudes I think are important to keep the sexy and intimate part of our relationship alive. It's fun and even if we weren't long distance, it's something that can get you and your partner in the mood when you're not together." – Unknown gender, 19

"NUDES... nudes are the reason I workout." – Male, 23

Well, that was rude

Sex tapes aren't for you. Even so, there is no reason to be so disrespectful. I'm honestly appalled by some of the disparaging comments I received from the questionnaire.

"Narcissism." – Female, 31

"Degenerate behavior. Upsetting people want to take them." – Unknown gender, 22

"Whorish." – Male, Unknown age

"I have always wanted to make one but never found someone attractive enough to meet my standards." – Female, Unknown age

"Dumb idea... 'cause that shit's weird." – Male, 20

"It's what whores do and if you make one you're not wife material." – Male, Unknown age

"Step 1. Be a weird guy. Step 2. Find a weird woman. Step 3. Profit." – Unknown gender, 21

"For attention. Weakness to their desires." – Unknown gender, 22


Thankfully, there were those who respected another individual's decisions.

"I don't believe in doing that myself and wouldn't want to find family/friends sending them either, but to each their own." – Female, 20

"I haven't, but I know many people who have and they like to look back on it with their partner and smile about it." – Unknown gender, 18

"If you want to send them, then power to you. But make sure that you're careful about it and you trust the person/people you're sending them to." – Unknown gender, 18

"I think that people have to be confident in order to do them... If you're comfortable with showing yourself then go for it." – Female, 19

"Don't go out of my way to support or argue against them because I think they're going to continue happening regardless of what others think. And although I'm not a fan of sex tapes, they technically don't hurt anyone." – Female, 20

"People can do whatever makes them happy." – Female, 19

"My partner and I aren't very sexually active or explorative, so we haven't thought about it. I wouldn't be immediately opposed to it, but it'd have to be with someone I knew for quite some time." – Female, 18

"Totally understand why people make them but you should be extremely careful." – Female, 18

"Because it can be fun and sexy and especially with an intimate partner it takes things to the next step. I think it can form a stronger bond of trust between a couple." – Unknown gender, 19

Ask first

I can't repeat it enough: Consent, Consent, Consent!

"If people consent on making one, that's their choice." – Unknown gender, 18

"I think they can be a fun thing to do with a significant other, but it becomes tricky if it becomes public because sometimes both parties haven't consented. Consent is important in dealing with the distribution of it. Also, all parties should feel safe and comfortable." – Female, 19

"Get a good camera, make sure everyone consented, and try to have decent lighting." – Unknown gender, 19

"As long as both parties have given full consent for the tape to be filmed there is nothing wrong with it. If it is used for purposes of blackmail and/or harassment, or anything malicious in nature, then it is clearly wrong. Also, it cannot be posted or shared anywhere without the full consent of both parties. Leaked tapes are always wrong unless it was done intentionally, by the people in the said video." – Unknown gender, 19

"Yes. I'm pretty confident that I would make one, but I'd ask my partner not to send it to others without consulting me first." – Female, 18

"I think it would be a fun way for me and a partner to spice up our sex life, especially if it has been a while with the person. I would just keep it for myself or us. It would have to be a conversation between us." – Female, 20

"I think it's something that's a personal preference and some people like the idea of having sex on camera. I think as long as both people are on the same page about it it's totally a fun thing to do!" – Female, 20

"They're fine as long as they're consensually made and consensually shared (i.e. not leaked without the people in its permission). Not something I'd do outside my spouse and a password-protected location, but if you wanna, do it." – Female, 21

"Make sure they are legal... and R. Kelly isn't around." – Unknown gender, 25

"Took a video on my phone at their request, but lied and said it didn't capture. After the fact, I wasn't too comfortable with someone else having something so intimate of myself. Just deleted it a little while later and moved on." – Male, 20

These responses have been lightly edited for length or clarity.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

College Students Confess What They ACTUALLY Think About Sex On The First Date

I am here to spill the tea


Sex after the first date. Do you do it or do you not do it? To get it on or to not get it on, that is the question.

Before losing my virginity, I would have said hell no. Having sex with someone you just met is simply insane and dangerous! However, more than a year after losing the V-card, my perspective on sex has changed massively. I just had sex with someone after having just met him in person (we talked for a few weeks prior to meeting) and I don't regret a thing. I wanted to know how my peers felt about this very contentious topic, so I asked.

Here's what the people have spoken:

A whopping 47% of my peers said they would have sex on the first date, while 35% said no, and the remaining 18% said maybe, it depended on the situation.

I for one was surprised at the amount who said yes and was happy I wasn't the only one who would do so. What interested me the most were the responses my peers gave as to the reasoning behind their answers. I kept everything anonymous out of respect for those who answered my poll.

"For me, it's situational because it depends on the type of girl, how we met, how long we've been talking before meeting up, and if I'm personally in the mood." - anonymous

A few people mentioned that it depends on the situation, and this person really hit the nail on the head with their response. You could go months talking and finally meet up just to feel no sexual connection with a person worth pursuing, or you could talk for a few weeks, meet up, and have an intense sexual connection come out of nowhere. If you're not in the mood for sex then don't do it. The moment will flow as it is meant to.

"I have before so I can't say I wouldn't." - anonymous

HAHA literally me.

"I don't think enough trust or a bond could be established in one date." - anonymous

"Depends on if you're just looking for fun or an actual relationship." - anonymous

Sex on the first date can, unfortunately, make people pass an inaccurate judgment over you as a person and what you want. You need to remember that if you want to have sex with a guy that it can either go into something more or fizzle out after the deed is done. The right guy won't tap it and run off and the wrong ones will.

"Too early to tell if it's worth it." - anonymous

"Still don't really know the person yet." - anonymous

Understandable. A few people have mentioned something along this line and it's a valid reason. You have to be an extremely trusting person to have sex on the first date.

"Just depends on how I'm feeling with the person, I don't think there's anything wrong with sex on the first date as long as you're both comfortable." - anonymous

If you both feel like going for it, just go for it. Comfort is key.

"Because I want that D." - anonymous

If you want the D, then you go get that D. Doesn't matter what the haters say, they aren't the ones getting any!

"Because why not if the connection/energy is there then it's there." - anonymous

"I'm saving myself for my wife and religion." - anonymous

Respect this a lot. It takes a very strong person to say this and follow through with it in the society we have today.

"If both parties are willing, why not! We shouldn't stigmatize sex to only being for anonymous hookups or long-term relationships; sex is sex." - anonymous

THANK YOU!! YOU ARE SO WOKE! Sex is just that: sex and we as humans have every right to enjoy it as we please without feeling harshly judged. When the vibe is right don't fight it because you think it won't lead you anywhere. If you're meant to be with someone, it doesn't matter when you both decided to have sex for the first time. Harness your sexual liberty and do what makes you and only you happy.

"If they wanted to and we vibed." - anonymous

"If both parties consent, why not?" - anonymous

Don't forget that consent is key kids!

"I would like to get to know the person before." - anonymous

It definitely helps to get to know someone before you have sex with them, but you don't have to be their best friend. I feel like on one date you discuss quite a lot with a person, but I guess it depends on the person. Cue the next response.

"Depends on the person." - anonymous

"How long we have been talking before the date, comfort level, and vibe." - anonymous

As mentioned above, the vibe really is one of the main keys to sex being brought to the table. Issa vibe and if its the right vibe, why not pursue it? I feel like you know in your gut whether sex with someone is a good idea, so trust your gut.

"If I think there is a chance to still see each other again then why not?" - anonymous

"I personally need an intense emotional connection." - anonymous

An intense emotional connection is something you can work on developing over time, but who's to say that the flame of a real connection cannot be found after the first date? I personally felt a very real connection with the guy I slept with on our first meeting. However, it's important we all realize that everyone views the decision to have sex differently, and having sex on the first date isn't for everyone.

I learned a lot from reading what my peers to say and I feel liberated to be able to say what I believe without fear of judgment. Sex is sex and we all feel differently in regards to it. Let's not judge each other for our difference of opinions, but instead lift one another up. Have sex on the first date or don't have sex until you're married. Whatever you do, do with pride.

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I Asked 11 College Girls Their Least Favorite Part About Hookups, And It Was Hard For Them To Pick JUST One

Sex! Let's talk about Sex. These are the things women wish they did not have to deal with when having sex.


Sex is great and all, but there are some things that us women don't enjoy while having it. Good sex allows you to forget about all of your responsibilities and cares in the world while consuming yourself in the moment with your partner. All the good feelings are running through your body from head to toe and you don't want it to end.

On a college campus full of young adults at their prime, sex is not hard to get, which allows for more experimentation and lessons learned on what people do and don't like. Not everyone enjoys sex the same and there is not a rule book on how to have great sex.

The most important thing to realize about having sex is that communication is important and you get better by doing so. Both parties need to talk about the things they do or do not enjoy while having sex.

Before comparing yourself to the gods of sex, take a look at the things women do not like about having sex.

I interviewed college girls ages 18-21-years-old to get their least favorite things about having sex.

1. Sweat

"I understand everybody's body chemistry is different… but if your sweat falling on me like raindrops then we have a problem." - age 20, single

Sweat is sexy when you just finished working out or doing a manly chore, but the moment your liquids make contact with our skin, it is game over. Feeling wet is no fun (pun fully intended).

2. Going too deep

She may be saying "deeper, deeper" but not every girl wants to feel you in her chest.

"Guys brag about being in our guts, but that actually hurts." - age 20, single

It's all fun and games until you actually shift around a girls organs. When Drake sung "I'm here for a good time, not a long time," that verse does not apply. We want to feel more pleasure than pain, and hitting our cervix is just painful.

3. Getting undressed

"There's that awkward moment when you realize it's not TV sex, so it takes time." - age 19, single

Sometimes we just want to get to the point and taking off clothes can be a lot of work. If you can tell that she is moving fast to get your clothes off, help take hers off, and learn how to unhook a bra.

4. Weak oral game

"Boys don't know the female anatomy and it shows." - age 20, single

It is important that you learn how to pleasure a woman below her equator. Oral is just as necessary as insertion and the last thing we want is you being downstairs for ten minutes and us not feeling anything more than a wet tickle.

5. Riding on top

We see it on movies and X-rated films, so this position is not uncommon. The work behind it is no joke and can take a toll on some women.

"It's honestly a work, and it's especially hard when your thighs get tired." - age 21, in a relationship

If you see she not enjoying the ride, give her a break and so she can gather herself for a new position. Not every girl has the leg strength of an equestrian and we need you to take that into account.

6. Cumming too quickly

We deserve rounds. Just because you get your fix does not mean you can tap out.

"I need you to last because I have stamina." - age 21, single

It's been proven time and time again that women take longer to have an orgasm than men. With that in mind, you need to hold out as long as you can to make sure she at least reaches her climax.

7. Being in a position too long

We are not statues, we cannot take your pounding in the same stance forever.

"You almost feel stuck, you have to get out of that position." - age 18, single

You have got to be versatile in your movements and allow us the chance to change positions as needed.

8. Doing all the work

Nobody likes a slacker a group project, and having sex is that project. Both parties need to be attentive and active.

"He has got to do something, but I also won't lay there like a star fish." - age 20, single

Whether you need an energy drink or more foreplay to get in the mood, you have to get involved and do your part.

9. Bad tastes

"Dick tastes like bleach." - age 21, single

Not every girl likes giving head. You shouldn't push her to do something she does not want to do. As for the girls that like giving head, they don't appreciate a head pusher. Pushing her head down will lead to unanticipated choking.

10. Too much talking

Be confident in all that you do, but you do not need to let us know every three minutes.

"Sometimes it's like 'okay, shut up'. I can do without 'what's my name? Call me daddy'." - age 21, in a relationship

Talking takes away from the feelings in the moment, we want to feel every part of you and embrace it all. If you talk too much, it is a distraction from what we want to pay attention to most.

11.  Second guessing yourself

We are our own worst critics and it is not always healthy.

"I know I'm like that, but I like reassurance." - age 21, single

Sex varies per person, but sometimes we compare other experiences to our own which breaks down our sexual confidence. Reassure your partner that you like what she is doing so she knows that she is in fact, a sex goddess.

Avoid these gross things college girls hate about sex by asking her what she does not like. Next time you get jiggy you'll be a pro.

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