Regardless if you and your significant other have been together for three months or three years, when one of you moves it will seem like the world is against you. From personal experience, I know this pain all too well. When I met my boyfriend, he lived an hour and a half away and at first, it wasn't bad.

Every weekend I was leaving town to spend the weekend with him. It was only four times a month but those four times a month are what kept me going. Let me update you, he now lives 17 hours away from me. So no, I can't just go see him because I miss him. I have to take time off work, buy a plane ticket and go see the man I love. Let me just tell you, it is so hard. What I have learned is that surviving this is actually easy.

It's three steps.

Trust yourself and your partner

Unfortunately, if you haven't thought of this already, someone has mentioned it to you by now. Trust is the key to every relationship. If you can't fully trust your significant other or yourself then you sure as hell can't survive a long distance relationship. It's not easy, the insecure part of you will put thoughts in your mind that have no reason to be there. But once you start to trust in yourself and in your partner, well you are already half-way there. Personally, I like to write all of my thoughts down.

When that person from school texts you, "Hey (with unnecessary emojis)" a small part of you might think, what if. Well, what if instead of giving into your "needs," you wrote it down. I made a list of reasons why I am doing what I am. I write down why I love him, why he makes me a better person. Instead of doing wrong, do something good.

Know that it will be hard

I won't sugarcoat this. This is going to extremely hard. What I will tell you is that it every minute away will be worth every minute when you do get to be together. What I have learned is that it won't sink in right away. For me, it took a week. At first, I was upset because I knew I would miss him. What you don't realize is that one day you will wake up and grasp that they aren't there. If you live together, you get ready alone now. If you don't live together you can still call and text but you can't just run over to say hello anymore. If you know that it's going to be hard, then you already know that it will get better.

Appreciate the little things

This is the most cliche saying out there but it is the most honest saying too. Don't focus on how many miles away your significant other is. Focus on the phone calls, the texts, and all the ways you are still connected. When you finally get to see them, soak in every little moment. Instead of counting down the days until you get to see them, better yourself and find ways to keep you busy and happy. We both know they wouldn't want you sulking all day, so appreciate their love for you and your love for yourself.

Coming from a personal standpoint. This is not something you need to struggle with. This is something that can make you and your relationship stronger than ever. If you can do one thing let it be this. Don't let some random number of miles on Google Maps change the way you love someone or yourself.