I have seen so many things on social media, mostly Twitter, about this topic. People say that you shouldn't give your boyfriend 'husband privileges'. This means that you treat them as if you are married. Giving them special treatment isn't wrong and it shouldn't be labeled as that.

I give my boyfriend almost everything he asks for because he deserves it. He shouldn't have to wait until we are married to get special treatment.

We have this idea that the second we're married that it's this huge deal. Yes, it's going to be a big deal because we've been taught that marriage is what you do when you love someone like you never have before, and you are showing that person and the rest of the world that.

Marriage is exciting, don't get me wrong! But when it comes down to it, it's just a piece of paper. You have to continue dating that person throughout marriage for it to be successful.

I get my boyfriend snacks whenever he runs out of Hot Cheetos and Sprite. I get him little things every now and then just because.

I cook him his favorite pasta a couple times a week.

Just because I went to Target and saw something that reminded me of him, so I knew he had to have it.

We, as women, can't expect men to treat us like queens if they're not getting any special treatment in return. He will be my husband someday, so why not treat him like he is right now?

I have learned by giving him anything he wants and needs, how he will be the rest of our lives. I know what kind of husband he is, and I know that he doesn't ask for much. If I didn't give him these privileges then I would not know how he will be, and we would not be as close as we are.

He sits on a golden throne in my heart, and in life.