I was never the girl who was impressed by the guy with the latest YEEZY's, flashy Porsche, or gold chains around his neck. Money has never been high on my list of priorities, and that's because my priorities lie in the qualities that money can't buy. Confidence is plenty more attractive than a Rolex. A man who has a good sense of humor, patience, and a warm heart is priceless. Plus. who wouldn't love someone who is intelligent enough to keep up with your wit? A relationship without playful banter would become boring.

If a man isn't kind, then how can I trust them?

It's the building block to any relationship. If I can't trust my partner with my life, or know that they will stand by me when things get rough (as they often do when you're an adult) then I wouldn't see the point of staying with him. As someone who values compassion over everything, I couldn't get along with someone who only cares about money. I'm the type of person who will go out of my way to make someone smile, and he needs to be able to relate to the joy I feel when I make someone else's day. I would never be able to relate to someone who is callous and doesn't understand the gift of giving.

It seems that I find a man attractive after knowing him for quite some time because I like to think about the long-term. I hope to one day have kids, and I'd only trust a kind man to be a good father to them.

As beautiful as diamonds are, how will they contribute to my marriage?

Quality time and genuine care is the greatest gift I could ask for because at the end of the day it's the gestures that money can't buy which make me feel the most loved.

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