I like making people uncomfortable, but telling someone you love them shouldn't be something so taboo! I like making sure my friends know I care about them, that I am here for them, and that I love them. So I texted 11 people I care about to say "I Love You" out of the blue and see just what they would say.

I also picked people I don't normally text "I Love You" to on a daily basis, so sorry, Mom, but you are not included. Honestly, the results were kind of shocking.

1. My Longtime Best Friend

"uuhhh I love you too lmao."

2. My Boba Tea Best Friend

"You too, any reason or just because? Because I love you too?"

3. The Friend People Think Is My Twin

"Awww I love you too!"

4. My Tall Curly Haired Friend

"I love you... are you ok?"

5. My Roommate-Turned-Bestie

"Love you too Oschmegle."

6. My Bald Friend

"Thanks, that was random."

7. My Mutt Buddie

"I love you too omg!"

8. My Swimmer Friend

"Aww thank you! This was very sudden haha."

9. My Geopolitics Friend

"Dude I love you too!! I was actually having kind of a rough day and that genuinely just made me so happy!"

10. My Physics Friend

"I love you too... why?"

11. My Sister

"I love you too?"

Overall, I think the most refreshing thing was the number of people who not only said "I love you" back, but who checked in to see if I was OK. It's good to have people who are genuinely there for you even if you don't say you love them nearly enough.

I think maybe we should all start saying "I love you" a little more because a lot of people were genuinely confused as to why they were receiving this message out of nowhere.

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