You were in my dream again last night. I had a dream that your girlfriend was leaving you because she thought something seemed suspicious and it involved me. I was there for you as you were heartbroken but there was something between us. Is it selfish of me to want that?

I see everything on social media and I tend to wonder.

What would it be like if we were dating right now? How many hours would we spend on the phone? Would we text almost every day? You'd ask me how my day went while I'm back at work, I'd ask you how the job search is coming along. We'd take a trip to see each other and it would be the best feeling in the world.

Instead, my life is completely different.

I talk to you every so often as you do reach out, I talk to you when I have the chance, I see the pictures of you and your girlfriend looking happy together. You are over there spending your days and nights with her, talking and laughing. I'm nowhere in your mind but here I am still thinking about you and what could have been.

You and I seemed to be on the right page. We enjoyed talking to each other and I'll be the first to admit that we had flirted a couple of times without a care in the world. I had a good time with all of us talking and them making jokes left and right. Did I think things would change at some point? I hate to admit it but I had hope for something, I actually had hope for us.

Wishes upon wishes, dreams on dreams, and miles to go for days. I thought that maybe one day we'd have time together and we'd get an opportunity to see one another. I guess our stars won't collide, our fate doesn't wrap around us that we will continue to keep miles between us.

For that being said, don't think for a second that I'm not happy for you because I truly am. You're a great guy, I hold no ill will towards you whatsoever. I want nothing but the best for you and I hope you get to be happy in whatever life you chose. You deserve a girl who will treat you right or at least the way that I would treat you. You pulled me out from a boy problem I faced prior with him abandoning me like trash on the side of the road. You helped me back to my feet and I will be grateful for that.

I just wish that the world would have been kinder to us, that it would have kept us together. That we could be living our own life somewhere instead of you being with someone and me sitting here by myself. Who knows, maybe we'll get to be able to reunite at some point. Only time will tell that theory.