So many times, I've found myself texting or Snapchatting a guy whose sole interest is himself. Every text is "I..." this and "I..." that. He never asks how I'm doing or says anything about me. Everything is about himself and his life and what's going on with him.

It's as if he has no concept of how to have a conversation, or maybe he has no intention of having a real conversation at all. Instead, he's simply droning on and on about himself, looking for attention. Every question and every statement begs for affirmation and praise.

To the guys who do this, please stop. I am not here for your affirmation. Despite what you may think, I'm not on this earth to stroke your ego and flatter you.

First of all, it's common knowledge that talking about yourself is narcissistic and off-putting. Second, no one wants to text or Snapchat a narcissist because it's like having a one-way conversation, which is extremely dull. Third, women are not made to affirm men. Encourage, yes. Affirm and praise constantly? No.

In fact, boys, don't bother reaching out to me at all unless you plan on asking about me, how I'm doing, and genuinely responding to what I have to say. I'm not narcissistic. But I know how to have a conversation. And a conversation involves giving and taking, not just taking.

And to the girls who entertain these narcissistic guys, recognize your worth and don't lower yourself to their level. Guys shouldn't be running to you to stroke their egos, especially if they are not genuinely interested in your life, too.

Don't waste your time on boys who are only interested in themselves. Don't give them the time of day. Just leave that boy on read, girl.

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