We live in a world where I, a black female, can walk down the street with my white boyfriend and still get side-eyed.

Though I'm a single woman at the moment, this still bothers me. We're in 2017. Even though it feels like our country is rewinding 600 years, we won't get into that, it's time to get over the fact that races will merge because honestly, the heart wants what it wants.

Let it go.

It seems like people still can't get over interracial dating and marriage. These types of relationships are most common in my generation and sometimes it's the parents and grandparents that disagree. I could be mushy gushy about this and say that love doesn't know gender, race or ethnicity, but instead, I'm going to say that we, as a nation, are not moving forward.

Interracial relationships present an opportunity to learn new cultures. For example, both parties would get to taste different foods, and if they're religious, visit different churches, and so on.

I mean, it is true that love doesn't know gender, race or ethnicity, but the big problem we face as a country is meddling. Meddling in other people's business just because it's not within our "beliefs."

Think about that—if you believe that black people and white people shouldn't date, get married, or be friends then don't do it.

Problem solved.

If you get upset when you see interracial couples in the movie theater together, avert your eyes.

If it makes your stomach churn, take some Pepto.

But I have news for these people—nobody cares. T

hese people in their interracial relationships know that there are going to be people who don't support them, that's the norm in today's time.

What's also normal is different races saying "forget the haters" because they're going to love the people that reciprocate the feeling.