I have encountered several different types of people so far in my 19 years of living.

Out of these people, the ones I dislike the most are those who have a problem with being a kind human being. I will never understand what people get out of being mean.

Putting others down is not something that makes me feel better about myself, therefore I never do it.

However, I have come in contact with plenty of people who think the opposite. I was raised to have manners and to always, always be polite. I understand when you have a bad day, and you're just mad at the world, but that still is not an excuse to be anything short of nice to other people.

I mean some people just have rude personalities and it seems as though that's something that will never change. Don't people want to be remembered as nice??? What do people get out of being mean?? Now if you disagree, and there is something you think you can get out of it, please let me know. Otherwise, I will never understand the point.

You never know what someone else is going through, so you should never say something without thinking. And if you do think before saying mean and hurtful words, I feel very sorry for you. I even go out of my way to be nice to people, because I know how much it can mean to some people.

Seriously, it's not hard to be nice. It's not hard to be a decent person. There have been too many times where people have been rude to me and I let it ruin my day. Now, I brush that kind of stuff right off and carry on with my day because I know that something must be going awfully bad in their life to take it out on other people.

I have had these kind of toxic people in my life before.

Those people are not in my life anymore. If I have learned anything about people who couldn't care less whether they're nice or mean, it's that they will try to bring you right down with them. Making a positive impact on people's lives is something I have always strived to do and I know the main way in doing that is to be a KIND HUMAN BEING. There have literally been times where strangers have turned my day around by something as simple as holding the door for me.

So next time you're thinking about saying anything that could possibly hurt someone's feelings, don't. There is so much more to life than putting people down because you feel bad about yourself. I cannot stress how important it is to be genuine. Everyone has their bad days, but how you handle it is what it says about you. When you're rude to other people, it doesn't say anything about their character, but it does say everything about your character.

Remember that you never know what someone is going through and even if someone hurts your feelings first, it never gives you the right to hurt them back.