Breakups are hard, but being in a bad relationship is worse. If you catch yourself doubting your relationship at times but you're not quite sure what to do, you take yourself to the internet to do some searching. Whether my relationship was "official" or just a "thing," I've had experiences where I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue things.

Here are 10 clear signs it might be time to do so, ones I noticed when I was contemplating breaking up with my previous lovers or flings:

1. You're hiding them from social media/family/friends

When I'm in a good relationship, I show them off on my social media and bring them around my friends and family. If you're hesitant to do so, something isn't right.

2. You catch yourself being mean to them

Their presence starts to annoy you and you notice you're always being snippy with them. When this happened with me, I knew I had to end things. If you really like your partner, you should feel love and happiness... not annoyance.

3. You're always thinking about other people

This is the biggest no-no in my opinion. If you catch yourself fantasizing about other people, chop the block right there. If you're in a relationship, that person should be the only one you want to go home to.

4. You don't want to spend time with them

This one kind of fits with being mean to them. If you don't want to see them or spend time with them, something's up. When I'm in a good relationship, I always want to see my signficant other.

5. You're bored

Relationships should be filled with fun and happiness. If you find no fun or happiness in your relationship and seem bored, I think it's time to cut it off.

6. You keep taking breaks

Breaking up multiple times in a relationship isn't healthy. It shows signs of distrust and doubts.

7. You fight more than you should

Fighting is normal in every relationship, but if it's daily... that may be a bigger problem.

8. You're not happy

The number one rule. If you're not happy, don't suffer.

9. You're settling

If you start having thoughts along the lines of "it could be worse", "it can get better," or "they'll change," that's when you know you should end it right there. Don't settle for anything you don't deserve.

10. You're reading an article like this

If you are on the internet looking up "signs you should break up" or anything along those lines, it should be clear that the answer is yes.

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