SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "Game of Thrones"

If you haven't seen the latest GOT episode, stop reading this right now and go. I had an immense load of work to do and I still made it happen, so what's your excuse?

After many years of secretly cheering Jaime on, he finally did it and got together with Brienne. Not only did he knight her himself (true feminist) he fell in love with one of the most baddest bitches in the realm Brienne of Tarth.

Brienne protector of the Starks, the person who saved Jaime multiple times during their travels, the person who fought alongside him against the never-ending amount of white walkers and the woman who has faith in Jaime, who gave him immense amounts of emotional support when he decided to leave her for Cersei.

Brienne of Tarth did not deserve that lame of an excuse.

Then again all of what Jaime said to Brienne was honest and true. Just because they look cute together on screen, we should forget all the horrible things he's done for Cersei i.e. sleeping with his twin sister.

Here's a list of reason why we should continue to hate him (even though we hope he comes back to Brienne):

1. He pushed Bran out of the tower.

You're the reason he is the emotionless person he is today, aside from being the three-eyed raven.

2. He's in love with his twin sister.

And vice versa. Talk about taboo..

3. Joffrey is his son.

Your genes suck, enough said!

4. He raped Cersei at Joffrey's memorial.

4. He's the Kingslayer.

He literally killed the king he swore to protect, but that makes you think, he did swear to protect Cersei as well... hmmmm.

6. He was emotionally abusive to Brienne.

Brienne, remember the bad times girl! You can get through this.

7. He killed his cousin.

For love of course, so it's OK.

8. He's the cause of Cersei going cray-cray ALL THE TIME

Everything bad that happened, she did in spite of Jaime.

9. He cockblocked Tormund to Brienne.

Tormund is obviously the better choice of both! He would have never treated Brienne that way!

10. Jaime's motto "The Things we do for love"

Is literally the worst motto of all time and caused everything to be a shit show.